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Our favourite travel books

Travel literature, whether it’s the fascinating memoirs of a life-changing trip into the mysterious Himalayan mountains; fiction that makes the awe inspiring landscapes of Namibia its major character or nonfiction accounts that encourages its readers to consider a familiar destination in a whole new light – all of these emotive writing techniques fall under the umbrella of travel books – and as you can imagine, personal preferences for reading these tales are just as varied.

How we bring travel into our homes

During these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever before that we stay in our homes and practice social distancing. It may feel at times like you’re disconnected from the world, but true acts of solidarity and cultural expression across the globe, just goes to show that we are a global community of people who will always persevere and join together.

6 reasons you should travel in your 40s

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Read time- 2 minutes

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, or you’re planning your first big trip, we know that travelling in your forties is an incredibly rewarding experience. From being more decisive about what you want from your travel experiences to more financial freedom, our forty-something travellers are among the most adventurous and outgoing – and here are just some of the reasons why.

Our Top 5 Things to do in Alaska in Summer

Sea Kayaking in Alaska

Alaska sometimes feels like its own country rather than the 49th state of the USA. Situated in the far northwest of Northern America, Alaska is the largest state by area and shares its border with the Canadian Yukon Territory. A trip to Alaska will leave you captivated, with its rugged charm, unique culture and pristine wilderness and coastline. With a state so vast, we thought we would help you out with a few activities that are a must in this wild and wonderful state.

6 Signs a Singles Holiday is for You

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Read Time: 2 1/2 Minutes

We all catch ourselves dreaming of escaping to far-flung shores from time to time. Rather than depositing the office telephone from the 5th floor or telling your friend Janet that you're not really too interested in hearing every detail of her newborn's bowel movements, actually treating yourself to some time away is the solution.

So, how do you know when its time? Here are the six signs that a singles holiday is for you.

How to Leave Your Comfort Zone on a Solo Holiday in North America

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Read Time - 3 minutes

Travelling solo could be one of the scariest things you've ever thought about doing – but it will actually probably turn out to be one of the most liberating.

Let’s face it; we are by nature, social animals. We want to share, whether that’s food, or what we saw on TV last night or experiences. Just look at the popularity of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And for many of us it’s the same when it comes to travelling. It’s almost natural that we want to go away with someone we already know.

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