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Trekking in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Read time - 3 minutes

The small dot wheeling above me was a steppe buzzard. I only knew that because Mr Nabil had pointed one out earlier that day.

Passing high to my left, it had appeared from over the red mountain to the south, which although looked close enough to touch, was actually 25 miles away across the Saudi Arabia border.

Hiking the Picos De Europa

Read time -3 minutes

Exodus client Phillip Beck reports… In Northern Spain about 2.5 hours west of Bilbao airport is a special mountainous region called Picos de Europa.  

The mountains in this region rise up to over 2,000 metres and are made up of three different massifs in three different provinces. Exodus runs either Grade B or Grade C hikes on a centre-based trip in a village called Arenas de Cabrales up to twenty-five times per year.

A Classic Tanzania Safari Tour

tanzania safari tour

Read time - 3 minutes

The African safari is one of the quintessential travel experiences, and the epic language and imagery used to describe it is familiar to us all.

The endless Acacia-dotted plains, the nights spent under canvas beneath starry skies, falling asleep to the sounds of the African bush, hot dusty days ending with sundowners to the backdrop of an African sunset.

How to Train for a Serious Cycling Challenge

Exodus cycling team

Read time - 3 minutes

At Exodus, the man behind the wheel (or should we say on top of two wheels?!) is cycling programme manager Andy Ross. As you would expect, he is a keen cyclist and done more than his fair share of serious cycling challenges - perfectly placed to give you some top-notch tips for your next serious cycling challenge!

Here we get a chance to quiz the rider and see what he does to prepare himself, so you can use his expertise to get yourself in gear! 

A Passage to India

cycling in india

Read time - 2 minutes

This is quite a long hill. We started just above the great Sutlej River this morning and we’re on a steady climb towards Narkanda up National Highway 22, the old Hindustan-Tibet Highway.

It’s still quite a few miles to the top, but it’s a beautiful clear sunny morning, the Himalayas are glinting in the distance, the surface is good and there’s very little traffic, just the occasional cow wandering down the middle of the road. 

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