Ladakh & Back

A Fundraising “From Home” Trek

Exodus pledges to walk the 88 kilometers to Ladakh during lockdown to raise money for local project

With so many of us in lockdown around the world, Exodus Travels is encouraging our staff and travelers to get out of our homes, get active, and make a positive difference with the launch of our new Ladakh and Back Fundraising Trek. This month, we have pledged to walk the equivalent 88 kilometers of our bestselling Peaks of Ladakh adventure and raise funds for the Exodus Travels Foundation’s Himalayan Community Project in Ladakh, one of India’s most remote mountain regions.

Last year we were able to plant a number of apple and apricot trees across seven villages nestled in the Himalayas. Planting in this notoriously difficult terrain not only provides local communities with fruit to sell but also acts as a new carbon sink in the area. And now we want to extend this impact with another plantation. $5 is enough to fund the planting of one tree and every little bit helps. Our goal is to raise enough to plant 500 trees and we’re willing to walk Ladakh and back to make it happen!

Due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on global tourism, our relationship with remote communities who have been severely impacted by this extended pause on regenerative travel is more important than ever before. The Himalayan region is a place close to our hearts; it's where Exodus Travels' journey began. Our long-standing networks there and in-depth knowledge of the region means that we can support isolated mountain communities that large aid organizations often can’t reach. We've been able to fund many community-based projects here over the years, building the resilience of local communities as well as their ability to benefit from local tourism.

How to support our fundraising trek

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Please note that as The Exodus Travels Foundation is not registered as a charity in Canada, we will be unable to provide tax receipts for donations at this time. Should we be in the fortunate position of raising more than we need for our plantation, the donations will be invested in similar Himalayan Community Project work.