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Family Holidays in Morocco

Morocco Family Trips

Morocco is a great family holiday destination, with a vibrant mix of colourful cultures, bustling cities, peaceful mountains and an idyllic coastline. Here are just five reasons why you should take your family to Morocco:

1. The fabulous climate: The sun definitely shines! In the summer Marrekech can get very hot, but once you're in the Atlas Mountains the cool breezes make for perfect weather.

2. It's big on adventure: Prepare for a healthy dose of 'culture shock' and fantastic scenery.

3. Just a four-hour flight from London: After a simple short-haul flight you'll step into a different world.

4. The shopping: Morocco is home to great bargains for everyone, from food to souvenirs.

5. Camel riding: Everybody should try it once! 

Come and join Exodus on one of our fun- and adventure-packed family holidays in Morocco this year. 

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