Finland, Wilderness Week, 24th Feb-

Er, hi?  Maybe I should have chosen a more 'interesting' username.

So, Finland.  Cold.  Questions:

1)  Chance of seeing Northern Lights on our trip?

2)  Husky puppies.  Cute or vicious?

3)  Skier or boarder or neither?

4)  Should I take my own Marmite, or will they provide this?



The chances of seeing the northern lights will definitely increase if the weather is particularly cold and the sky is clear and looking at the weather forecast for the coming days it is promising. I visited Basecamp recently and the Northern Lights were visible the first day i arrived.

I couldn't describe any of the huskies as viscious - except with themselves. you may see a bit of internal fighting within your teams but they're always nice to the driver because he/she controls what they enjoy most - running.

There's lots of opportunities to downhill ski and board in Ruka on the free days and a good deal of cross country skiing availble near Basecamp. If you're not particularly interested in this then there are also day long husky tours if you haven't had enough of the dogs and snowmobile tours and the area around the accommodation has a beautiful walk called the "Little Bear's Trail" which would provide a nice day walk.

And about the marmite - i'd recommend you bring your own!

Enjoy your trip.

Andy Buswell - The Exodus team

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