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Hi, I'm travelling to Kenya and Tanzania in June and I'm looking for some advice from Exodus staff or from experienced travellers. I tend to get badly bitten by insects so I'm looking for as much good advice as possible on how to prevent this on my trip. I beleive that mosquito nets are provided on the trip but I was hoping someone from Exodus could give me more information on this. Also, any help, tips and advice on clothing, sprays etc. would be very welcome from anyone as I don't want nasty insect bites to detract from my trip!

Thanks a lot



Thanks for the advice. That's very helpful. Do you think the wrist and ankle bands are worth buying, or just a gimmic?

I think you would probably be OK with just the spray but Salveo don't sell it separately it seems. Lifesystems also do an all natural repellent.


Thanks for all your advnice! Really appreciate it


as well as all the sprays and stuff if you take Benerva tablets ( ask in a pharmacy) these are single vitamin B not multivits... they help with not getting bitten>>> inspects dont like the taste of you.... 25-50mg daily. As far as I know there are no side effects.. although they are used to help alcoholics get the mst out of thier food!! So it will be you and the alcohoicis taking them!!


Thanks for all the great advice passed on to Gayle.  I found it very useful as I don't really like using Deet and have now received my delivery of Bug Geroff.


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