Anyone going on this trip

Hi, Not long now, can't wait.  I'm looking forward to the nightlife and dancing especially. 

Feel free to say hi, I'm flying out on the flight provided by Exodus from Gatwick at 11.45.  Would like to hear from anyone in the group.  Let me know if you are on the same flight and where you're from.  I'm travelling alone.


Hi there Karen. I'm on this trip as well and looking forward to seeing new sights and sounds.  I booked really late (namely last week!) and so couldn't get the group flight as it was full. So I'll be arriving late on Sunday having flown Iberian Airways via Madrid. I'm a useless dancer (although I can do a bit of Scottish country dance) but will give anything a go.

Derek (Munch) 


Hi Derek,

I look forward to meeting you.  I assume you are Scottish!  I'm sure the Scottish Country dance will be very similar to Salsa, you'll breeze it!!  I'm looking forward to the heat, Cuba reached 30 degrees this week.  Although it also rained, so lets hope that holds off for us.  What intrigued you about Cuba?  Are you travelling alone?


Hello Karen - I didn't specifically choose Cuba. I just wanted to get a trip abroad before the end of the year, as I find foreign travel is like a drug to me - I need to travel overseas or else suffer withdrawal symptoms.  Having said that, Cuba seems to be a fascinating country, just opening up as one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean. As well as cultural hotspots and stunning architecture it seems to have a never-ending 24-hour nightlife. This was the one Exodus trip which happens to fit perfectly into the time I've got free before 2010. I'll be travelling alone - look out for an ageing hippy - umm, a midlife crisis :-) !

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