Cycling Cuba - April/May

Hello - anyone else going to Cuba on 25th April? Just thought I would say Hello!


Hi! I'm going on this trip. Very excited about it - a bit nervous too though, I've never been on a cycling holiday before, and I've never been on an Exodus trip either.

How about you?


Hello Sal_B, I too am very excited! Its my first holiday for quite a while.  Never been on a cycling tour before, nor travelled with exodus.  Additionally nervous as I've never been on holiday alone before either!  Looking forward to meeting the group though, and the reviews on here have all been positive.


Hi again,

It's my first holiday alone too, and my first organised trip - so many firsts! I'm looking forward to it but trying to get myself trained up; I've done virtually no cycling over the winter and I'm a bit worried I'm out of practice. Your profile says you're in London which makes me curious about your usual cycling and what makes you opt for such a holiday?

Really looking forward to meeting everyone, and seeing Cuba - saw a programme about it on TV the other day and it made me even more excited




To be honest, a lot of my cycling experience has been commuter cycling, or spinning classes at the gym!!  So I need to do some serious time in the saddle before the trip! Having said that, I have done a few trips along London's canals - but, at a leisurly pace. I am hoping it will be ok though, as we are supposed to be on holiday, and not on a race around cuba!

I was interested in the trip, mainly because I have enjoyed the exploratory rides I have done around London, and have also heard a lot about Cuba.



Just thought we would say hello to all. Going on the 25th April trip and really looking forward to it. We too haven't been on a cycling tour before or been to cuba. Can't wait to do some cycling without freezing to death! (or falling off in the snow says my missus!) Anybody know if a helmet is compulsory?

Regards to all and roll on April! See you at the airport.

Andy and Andrea


Glad to hear some others are nervous as well - I am glad that there is a support vehicle on hand! Anyway, we look forward to meeting you all in Cuba!


Yes - definitely a good job they've got a support vehicle! Really sounds like this is going to be fun - a holiday rather than a bootcamp (must practice salsa and mojito-drinking skills). As for the helmet, the bumph says its compulsory so I'm packing mine, I don't know whether we'll be made to wear one though...

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Hello everyone,

Glad to see I am not the only one who is slightly worried about the cycling! This will be my first organised cycling trip, and first trip with Exodus. I think I might be the only non-Brit joining the group. Hope to see you all in te hotel in Havana in two weeks time.

Best wishes


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