Hello out there.....Anybody joining this trip?

Looking forward to my first white christmas ever, and some spectacular fun.  The only problem is being brave enough to only pack the recommended gear!

Hope to hear from you,  nicnic


I cant wait for the trip ... and look forward to meeting you nicnic.



Hi Nicnic

First white Christmas? May I ask where you are from? It is our first time as well - which is why we chose the multi-week, in case skiing was not for us.

We went to Tk maxx and bought a jacket/gloves each - not worried about the gear the people will provide, more to do with the getting to/fro each airport.

Speaking of which, I'm enjoying the weekly changes to the flying times - does anyone know if the flights are direct? Our flight times have dropped from 5 1/2hr to 3 1/2. 

BTW, Is anyone interested in a £5 secret santa present? 

ttfn Jack & Simone 


less than a week to go .... very exciting!

And with some snow in London due Wednesday that should be some good experience!  And us Aussies aren't used to it are we Andy?

So the flight time is back to 1325 dep LGW, looks like around 3.5 hours.....enough time to finish my book I hope!

So, I'm packing my Uggs, my snow boots and even my ski boots in case of good conditions for the downhill skiing day.  Does anyone else ski?  Come to think of it, where is everybody else?

 Am happy with a secret santa gift although it might be a bit sad if there is only 4 of us doing it :) 





Hi All, looking forwards to meeting you all- although doesn't seems to be very many!?

I have departure 20th 13:35  from Heathrow! not sure terminal - and return to Heathrow.


Speak soon peeps,


Hmmmm really?  We are definitely going from Gatwick.....Is your flight with Jet2?


Finnair AY838 via Helsinki, eventually arrive Kajaani 20:20. You poss have a different direct flight which is probably better?


Unless we are on different holidays? CFF? probably my mistake - apologies :)


CFF departs 20th Dec, CFA not until January . . . ?




well, aussies...hmmm...will bring bigger tin of milo.

getting really excited too...though neither of us have ever skiied - hoping to have a lesson or two.

can't wait to meet the huskies! 


Apologies for confusion - I'm on different hol - have fun all, and poss meet you on another Exodus hol. Merry Christmas!

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