Kilimanjaro Boxing Day 2010

Hi hoping that there is someone out there also booked to do Kilimanjaro this New Year who is as nervous as us??? hopefully you will get in touch.

 Louise & Martin


Hi Louise & Martin

I may not be scared but I am certainly slightly concerned and experiencing some moments of trepidation. This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever attempted but I am looking forward to the challenge and to what no doubt is going to be a fantastic experience. I have almost next to none experience in walking at altitude so if anybody's got any advice & suggestions on how to prepare & ensure the best outcome, I will be most grateful for any advice.

Best regards



Tuula Louise and Martin,

Hello ! i have just received an email about this feature and think it is brilliant and if the rest of the trip is this well thought out and organised to the smallest of details i think we all have nothing to worry about.
i am in the same boat as you Tuula as this will be the highest i have ever been and one of the hardest challenges i have attempted. Speaking to some friends that have climbed kilimanjaro earlier this year they have said the best method of preparation before hand is to get fit and work on cardo vascular work as this will help with the altitude. While on the expedition it has been advised to drink as much water as possible 4 to 5 liters a day. I am looking forward to the expedition and meeting you all.

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