Marrakech & The Sahara - November 27th

Hi, just booked this trip, I am going with Exodus for the first time, so very excited! Would be nice to hear from anybody else who is going.



Hi Rob, I've just booked this, also my first time with Exodus. Are you on the group flights?

Hi Rob & Claire,

I am also booked on this, I'm another Exodus first timer :-)


looks like a bunch of first timers so far... any thoughts on the trip?


Hi Rob, Claire, DJ,

Am new to Exodus too.  Fantastic! Must start looking at that list of things to bring some time...



It's going to be a tough one to pack for. Desert and mountain conditions. Im guessing layering is the way to go with this.


Having done a 4 hour horse trek yesterday i'm wondering if padded shorts might be a good idea for the camel. 

Definetly a difficult trip to pack for... where to start? I'm thinking it might be a good excuse to go shopping :) 


I've just booked on this - although waiting for confirmation (guatanteed rather than available).

 I'm another newbie with Exodus.

 Does anyone know whether walking shoes (i have) would be ok rather than boots (i don't have)?



Hi Eric

To be honest for the desert I'm not sure... When I go hiking depending on the trails I will often wear just my walking shoes, but if I'm doing more technical trails I will wear boots as they provide much needed stability around the ankle.



Ok, thanks Claire.

 The trip's marked as leaisurely/moderate so i'm not expecting it to get too technical. I'll just go with the shoes i think.


Well, it looks like there's only 2 places left on this trip, so will have a decent sized group.

5 weeks to go

Hi Guys, I'm also coming! Sounds like we'll have a good group. It's gonna be amazing. I can't wait!



Good to see so many people on the trip, I'm starting to get excited now. Looking foward to meeting everyone (I'm on the group flight)!



I'm on the group flight too. Looks like we get to the hotel past midnight though....

Yes, starting to get a little bit excited now


Anyone on the group flight fancy meeting for a pre flight drink?


I don't see why not!



Yeah, that's a good idea! 


I don't know heathrow well... shall we pick somewhere or exchange email addresses so we can sort it closer to the time?


Yeah, probarly best to sort it out later, once we know which terminal we are flying from!


I checked as I have to fly into heathrow and needed to leave enough time to switch terminals


Excellant, your more organised than me! I'll check what coffee options there are...


Hi, there is a Costa coffee in terminal 4 once you get past security, so shall we say to meet there for anyone who would like to?


sounds good 


Just look for anyone with an Exodus "luggage tag for life"


Final Joining Instructions came through today on email!


I didnt get mine - I got an email checking my address for the luggage for life but no final joining instructions :(


Hi Guys, I also got my joining instructions today + an email checking my address so all is looking good.  This is my first trip with Exodus - sounds like a few of us in the same boat  :-)

Rob: I am up for a coffee @ T4


I'm sure it's ok and you'll probably get the email tomorrow - I didn't get an email checking my address.

Costa coffee @ t4 sounds good. Looking to meeting all u guys for our adventure soon :-)

Hello guys!

 I came home from this trip yesterday and I had a wonderful time - would quite happily do it all again tomorrow.  One word of advice would be to pack some overnight stuff in your hand luggage as my bag was delayed for 4 days and I had very little to go on with - ended up having to borrow clothes from just about everyone!

 Have fun, 




I'll definitely take this on board. I'm 6'5" and it's not likely that my fellow travellers will have anything that fits me!


I'm comng too. There were on 2 places left when I booked so I think there are at least 15 of us. Looking forward to adventure and sunshine... and camels.  Will I regret the camel part once I've been on one for half an hour?! Numb bum springs to mind but I guess is all part of the experience!

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