Tre Cime

Perfect Panoramas: Winter Landscapes

On our global adventures we’ve travelled along many tracks. So many, in fact, that we know just what stops us in them: breath-taking views and out-of-this-world vistas. Whether it is a city skyline or a natural phenomenon that blows you away, there’s nothing quite like the moment you first set eyes on a perfect panorama. Here are a few of our snow-sculpted favourites.

The Tre Cime in the Dolomites

Tre Cime

The Te Cime are among the most striking sights in the already impressive scenery provided by the Dolomites. Exodus product manager Claire Daniel says, “The Tre Cime, which translates as the Three Chimneys, are pretty special. They’re so distinguishable from the mountains surrounding them. You do see them peeking over as you drive towards them, but when you arrive at the base they suddenly jut out. It’s a view you really have to see to believe.”

Snowshoeing in the Dolomites 

The Vesteralen Islands

Andoya's dramatic coastline

In the north of Norway, high above the Arctic Circle, the Vesteralen Islands rise dramatically out steely waves. Their beauty has no rival, according to Winter Programme Manager Tom Wilkinson. “Inland, fjords run in and out of the islands. If the water is calm, it reflects the mountains. There’s so little light pollution you get amazing Northern Lights, and there’s a wealth of wildlife too.” You’ll also indulge in locally sourced food at the family-owned Andoy Friluftssenter. 

Arctic Lights & Whales 

The Transylvanian Alps

The rugged and wild mountains of Romania are largely unexplored by tourists, and the pristine forests give way to some of the most striking views in the world. There are stunning valleys, meadows and villages to discover with the unique knowledge of our guides – people who live and work here and have explored this terrain for many years. "Everyday there were really good experiences.," says Exodus traveller Janet Gibbons. Her most inspirational moment? "Perhaps extra worthy of mention was the special day we visited the bear sanctuary, followed by a tasty picnic in the sun overlooking the Carpathian Mountains then a lovely walk to Viscri to see a fortified church and have tea and cake with the priest and his dog!"

Winter in Transylvania 

Tallinn Cityscape

Tallin's fairytale skyline

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has seen so many changes over the centuries that many of its tales and told in its skyline, as Exodus’ data analyst Oli Mills explains. “From a viewpoint on top of Toompea Hill you see so many churches, each designed in a different way which reflects the time in which it was built. There have been so many occupations over the years that the view tells its own story of the city’s history.” Ancient church spires stand beside glass skyscrapers and while Soviet influence is still visible, the expected grey that comes with is offset by Tallinn’s fairytale charm. This won’t be the only amazing view you’ll catch on this trip – Vilnius and Riga boast old town beauty too.

Stockholm & The Baltics in Winter

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