Travel Expert - Andy Ross

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A love of cycling from an early age meant that Andy was always destined to travel. This began with cycling to and from school, followed by a misspent youth racing BMX bikes.


Introducing Andy Ross

The distances have increased a little since then, culminating with two 4000+ mile rides around the States and Mexico. Five years leading cycling, trekking and snowshoe trips for Exodus enabled him to travel much further afield and this experience is put to good use as Exodus' Head of Product.

Find out more about Andy's adventures below.

Get Ride Fit: Cycling Advice

cycling trip

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Training doesn't have to be gruelling, says Head of Product and cycling programme manager Andy Ross. It's about getting time spent in the saddle ahead of your cycling holiday so that your time away is memorable - for all the right reasons.

Exodus on the Tour De France

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Here come the wacky racers! No not Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome, the peloton isn’t due for another two hours or so. This is something almost as exciting in its own right, the Tour de France ‘promotional caravan’.

And what remarkable vehicles they are! Many of these would put the cars of Dick Dastardly, Muttley and Penelope Pitstop to shame. There goes a four-wheeled chicken, closely followed by a huge box of washing powder, a giant rolling tyre and a pack of galloping horses on the roof of a car.

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