Chris Adams

After deciding that there was more to life than the 9 to 5, Chris took off on a year-long round the world trip, taking in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America – eventually returning home and deciding that a career in travel was the next best thing, and after a few years selling round the world flights, he ended up here in the sales team at Exodus.

Thrills and Spills: Slovenia Whitewater Adventure

‘’Keep your arms across your chest!” commanded our guide. “Legs together!” We snapped into the vampiric pose obediently. “Oh, and don’t forget to scream…”

This was our briefing. We stood, suited and booted in heavy wetsuits and helmets, and were considered ready. In silence we edged towards the edge of the small rock pool we were standing in. One of our guides went first, leading by example. He stood on the precipice, threw us a quick smile, and then he disappeared.

About Chris
Sales Consultant