Travel Expert - Marta Marinelli

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Introducing Marta Marinelli

Marta’s passion for travel and languages started at a very young age.

Tiring of her little village in Italy she decided to cross the border and travel around Europe. After achieving top results in a Masters in Tourism Destination Management, she began her travel career at Exodus where she now proudly works as Product Manager, sharing her passion and knowledge of her beloved and never forgotten Bella Italia.

Since joining Exodus, Marta has travelled to more exotic places including Rwanda, India, Cuba, Haiti, Seychelles, and Iran.

Where next? Colombia and Namibia! Nobody can stop her travel bug.

Read more about Marta's travels below.

The Best Treks in Italy

Procida Island

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Italy is one of our most popular destinations for walkers looking for something special, because in this beautiful country, ‘something special’ waits for you around every corner.

Boasting stunning coastline, fiery volcanoes, ancient towns and a wealth of mouth-watering produce celebrated the world over, every day and every trip offers something new.

The Amalfi Coast Best Bits - Eat, Walk, Love

Amalfi Coast

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The old man’s eyes are honest as he whispers to me, “Here, in this region, we have everything you can possibly look for." This wisened face belongs to one of the family who own the Hotel Le Due Torri where we are staying, high in the hills near the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

At first, I assume this statement is part and parcel of the typical patriotism that characterizes many Italians – but soon, I am proved wrong.

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