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Festival Fever

<p>From the most famous to the more obscure, we have compared our globetrotting notes here at Adventure HQ and put together a calendar of our favourite festivals around globe. Sure to whet the appetite for a new cultural experience, be it watching horse racing in Mongolia or shaking your tail feather in Rio!

Drinks from around the World

glasses of wine

Read time - 5 minutes

Add an international twist to your drinks cabinet with our top travel tipples, the best drinks for globetrotters. We all love to try a local favourite for the first time, and alcohol is no different.

Whether you pop into the neighbourhood bar packed with residents, want a truly special celebratory sip at the ends of the world or are keen to brave the local homebrew - salud, prost, skål, bottoms up!

It's not just about walking!

After all, a walking trip is first and foremost a holiday. Whilst a bivouac at 3,000 metres might spell paradise for some, for others, there is nothing like a good hotel and a comfy bed to relax after a day in the great outdoors. If this sounds like you, then our centre-based walking holidays might just be the right choice for you!

Jacuzzi with a View

Unusual Beaches of the World

Read time - 2 minutes

Beaches have been badly abused the world over. For the adventurous traveller, their reputation lies in ruin; tattered or battered, overrun with tourists and sanitised into uniform, globalised sameness.

Yet with something in the region of 217,490 miles of coastline in the world, there must be some escape. Where the aqueous world and the earth we tread upon every day meet, two totally separate yet co-dependant ecosystems collide.

A Loo with a View

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Toilet, powder room, khazi, bog, thinking pot, can, porcelain god, throne… whatever you like to call yours, there’s no denying the long-standing human fascination with bathrooms, or more specifically the loo!

Interesting Toilets of the World

Said to be the birthplace of many an epiphany and somewhere each of us spends a significant portion of time throughout our lives (three years according to the World Toilet organisation – yes there is one!), the toilet is an important part of daily life.

Test the waters

Waves lapping the bow, the wind in your hair and views you would otherwise miss out on - there is nothing quite like getting out on the water to give you a different perspective. Over 70% of our planet is made up of H2O, from burbling mountain streams to mighty meandering rivers, iceberg-laden oceans to tropical turquoise seas, idle lakes to cascading falls. Life on Earth depends on these vital waterways and they harbour a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Follow the Road Less Travelled

balloons over Myanmar

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost (1920)

Exodus’ pioneering spirit is part of our DNA. Never resting on our laurels when it comes to pushing the travel boundaries, we love nothing more than venturing off the beaten track to unusual destinations. 

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