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Cross-country Skiing in Kvitavatn

Cross-country skiing in Kvitavatn

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As our coach wound its way up the mountain road towards Kvitavatn, some 950m above sea level, I felt the excitement start to grow. I’d never been to Norway before, never tried cross-country skiing and was itching to have a go.

On arrival, we quickly discovered who our new roommates were, grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to settle in. At breakfast the next morning I found our friendly group chatting eagerly about what lay ahead.

Cross-country Skiing in Norway

Cross-country Skiing in Norway

Read time - 2 minutes While Vancouver has been collectively biting its nails over a lack of snow recently, Norway is still heavily swathed in the stuff and could quite easily have filled in the gaps.  

Clearly, transporting several hundred tonnes of snow across to the other side of Canada could prove tricky, so the Canadians had to settle for a delivery of some of the world’s finest exponents of winter sports.


Best Food for Cyclists

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It is no secret that cycling and food go hand in hand. Ask any cyclist where they are planning to ride at the weekend and you will probably hear, “Oh, we’re heading to that café on the hill, you know, the one with good coffee and cake!”

5 Interesting Chile Facts

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Chile may not be the first destination that springs to mind for an active getaway but with its heady cocktail of glistening lakes, high-altitude peaks, arid deserts and groaning glaciers, there’s ample opportunity for discovery and adventure.

Chile could be the perfect place to make you go ‘faster, higher, stronger’ this year! Want to know more? Here are five interesting facts about Chile that you might not be aware of...

Responsible Travel in Action

Responsible Travel in Action

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For Exodus, responsible travel combines two elements: one, a consideration for the impact travel has on the communities and countries visited, and two, our responsibility towards the environment and the ecosystems travel can affect.

These principles permeate every one of our trips, whether it’s eating locally sourced meals in a family-run hotel or ensuring no litter gets left on a high mountain trail.

Exodus Sponsorship and Training


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Exodus funds 23-year-old assistant to train as a full guide... Exodus leaders are the best in the business.

We work tirelessly with all our leaders across the globe to ensure the highest standards on all of our trips, and this includes training and progression throughout their careers. 

A beginner's guide to Exodus family holidays

By Emma Garrick, Discovery Programme Manager Many of you are aware of the Exodus philosophy; small group trips offering leader expertise, an assortment of activities, camaraderie and excellent value for money. To this end our Family Adventures are no different. They are usually holidays with varying amounts of activity but with hassle-free arrangements that will suit busy families who want something a bit different to the standard two-week bucket and spade break.

Climbing Slovenia: Mount Triglav

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A pinkish hue begins to tiptoe across the barren crowns of jagged limestone peaks of Slovenia, announcing their hulking presence along the horizon.

Far below the fertile meadows remain embraced in a cradle of darkness, tucked in by a soft duvet of mist that curls upwards at the edges. Ambitious rooks have risen early to peck for stray pastry crumbs from our breakfast on the balcony of our refuge.

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