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How to Train for a Serious Cycling Challenge

At Exodus, the man behind the wheel (or should we say on top of two wheels?!) is cycling programme manager Andy Ross. As you would expect, he is a keen cyclist and done more than his fair share of serious cycling challenges - perfectly placed to give you some top-notch tips for your next serious cycling challenge!

Here we get a chance to quiz the rider and see what he does to prepare himself, so you can use his expertise to get yourself in gear!

A passage to India

This is quite a long hill. We started just above the great Sutlej River this morning and we’re on a steady climb towards Narkanda up National Highway 22, the old Hindustan-Tibet Highway. It’s still quite a few miles to the top, but it’s a beautiful clear sunny morning, the Himalayas are glinting in the distance, the surface is good and there’s very little traffic, just the occasional cow wandering down the middle of the road. A Tata truck is coming down the hill towards us, but suddenly it stops.

Rock 'N' Troll: Hiking the Norwegian Fjords

Exodus’ Gina Lawrence gets her nose out of her favourite book, The Hobbit, just long enough to live the real thing in the Norwegian fjords …

Tiny cloud-like puffs of fluffy wildflowers, little white cushions scattered on a bed of bright green grass, encircled by a theatrical backdrop of soaring mountains. After a childhood spent reading and re-reading The Hobbit, I had magically been transported into the realm I’d envisaged since the day I’d taken that slim volume off my parent’s bookshelf.

Timkat festival

Throngs of white-clad festival goers sleepily make their way to the holy baptismal pool. As the early morning sun starts to warm the crowds, the feeling of anticipation is palpable. Children climb trees to get good views and adults jostle for space. The priests and deacons arrive, their blue velvet robes and yellow capes throwing a splash of colour amidst the sea of white.

Leader in the spotlight - Sayed in Egypt

We’re often asked what makes a small group adventure holiday so special. Some say the journey of discovery; some say travelling with like-minded people; some say the element of the unknown. We couldn’t agree more, but believe that none of these moments are possible without one person… the leader.

We’re firm believers in our leaders, and realise their potential to turn your travelling experiences into trips of a lifetime. With their relentless passion, unrivalled specialist knowledge and inspiring stories, leaders are often the forgotten key element of your holiday.

Ladakh - The Indian Himalaya

Sandwiched between the vast ranges of the Karakorum and the Himalaya in the far north of India is the highest, least populated, most remote and most beautiful region in the whole country. Lying in the rain shadow of the Himalaya, Ladakh is an ideal summer destination that enjoys plenty of sunshine. To Exodus LeaderValerie Parkinson, it is the most wonderful place on earth and the world’s best adventure travel destination.

Petra: Past and present

200 years must seem a mere blip in the lifespan of a building carved in the 6th Century BC. Yet for us, those 200 years remain something to celebrate. It’s now been 200 years since Petra was re-discovered. So this August, let us raise a glass in honour of Petra: the “rose-red city half as old as time.”

Bear essential

Sometimes there comes a day which breaks so many wildlife records that it will be indelibly etched on memory rather than megapixels, one where so many contributory factors combine to produce animal alchemy, a grail from the very top drawer. Spitsbergen is not just about Polar bears but on July 1st 2010 it most certainly was. I wrote the following in my log that day; upon reflection I feel I have yet to do it justice.

Learn to Ski with the Expert: Meet Eric Woolley

When learning any new skill, the benefits of a having great teacher cannot be underestimated. Eric Woolley, a Snowsport England Coach/Tutor, uses his vast experience to lead many of our cross-country trips that combine classic and skate cross-country skiing techniques.

2018 will be Eric's last winter as a leader; don't miss the opportunity to enjoy his expert tuition and good humour!

We interviewed the man himself to find out what brings him back year after year to these snowy slopes.

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