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Island Hopping Holidays

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Islands appeal to most of us. The idea of a secluded spot, away from the hustle of mainland and mainstream life, just says total escapism.

Whether it’s the dramatic crash of waves colliding into rugged coastal cliffs or sluicing white whispers against the sand, the sea is a constant companion for island life – but you don’t have to be a beach Barbie to enjoy it.

Here’s our pick of the best island hopping holidays…

Best Places for Island Hopping


Top 5 Sea Adventure Holidays

Halong Bay

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A seaside sojourn needn’t leave you blistered and bored after a day lying on the sand. The waves are an exciting playmate, abounding in adventures great and small.

From underwater safaris along coral highways shimmering with tropical fish to kayaking past the relics of an ancient empire – here are our top 5 sea adventure holidays.

Top five UNESCO newcomers

The UNESCO World Heritage list informs many holiday choices, providing a world-recognised watermark for outstanding places. It’s a blue print for some, the chance to link up areas of natural beauty, historic significance or outstanding human achievements.

Flavours of Vietnam

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A culinary journey through Vietnam reveals a deceptive simplicity to a cuisine renowned for its fresh, natural ingredients, aromatic appeal and delicate balance of flavours.

From the mountainous north to the Mekong Delta, Megan Devenish and Sasha Reid sent their tastebuds roving to dish up a banquet of mouth-watering local favourites.

Top 3 Short & Sweet Long Weekend Adventures

Travel rich but time poor? Make the most of those precious hours on an Exodus short break. With a leader armed with local knowledge by your side, there's no better way to capitalise on your capital. These snappy, exciting adventures inject a quick thrill into any dull month; easy to negotiate with employers, no annual leave wasted and with Exodus leading the way, these hassle-free holidays will abate any wanderlust cravings. How much can you really pack into just one weekend? Let's find out...

Top Five Holidays to Film Locations

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From your first Disney cartoon to your favourite Oscar-winning epic, the big screen can play a huge role in crafting and shaping our travel dreams.

Using sweeping wide-angle shots of high impact landscapes, unique perspectives of glittering cityscapes and intimate close-ups of mysterious cultures to captivate us, filmmakers transport us to new worlds that can ignite our wanderlust.

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