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Best Activities in Turkey

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The turquoise waters that lap the Lycian coast not only provide a fantastic place for diving but also provide the beautiful backdrop for the rest of the trip.

The small town of Kas – our base for the week - has in recent years become renowned for being the adventure capital of Lycia. Nature has provided a playground of rivers, canyons, mountains and coast for the adventurous to play in. You just have to be game enough to take part!

Penguins, Penguins, Penguins!

Heading south for the winter would normally mean lots of sun, a nice sandy beach and a chance to get a tan in January. But that depends on how far south you go. When I left a very cold and rainy London last December I had packed my thermals and woolly hat. There's no chance for sunbathing in Antarctica! I joined the Clipper Adventurer for our 20-day Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia (PSG) expedition.

An Iceland Adventure

iceland landscape

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After travelling across the moon-like landscape of the Rekjanes Peninsula we headed to the south coast. As the dark Icelandic landscape of lava gave way to green pastures we spotted some Icelandic horses, unique for their five gaits.

A word of warning though: don’t refer to them as ‘ponies’ or the locals might get upset! These diminutive steeds could be likened to the big brother of a Shetland pony with an 80’s hairdo.

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