Zebras Cuddling


Penguin featherprinting and citizen science in Antarctica

I’m Tom Hart; a marine biologist at the Zoological Society of London and Oxford University working on penguin conservation. I’m trying to work out how penguins are responding to climate change, fisheries and human impact. And by teaming up with Exodus I have been able to reach even more places in Antarctica and study even more penguins!

Madeira - Not a Piece of Cake

To me, any mention of Madeira always meant either a large slab of cake to be enjoyed with a cup of Earl Grey or - more likely - a dash of fortified wine to be added to a dollop of crème fraiche and wholegrain mustard (try it!) to make an excellent sauce, maybe to accompany some pork tenderloin. It didn’t occur to me that as a spring break, Madeira would be just what the doctor ordered (no cake or rich sauces I’m afraid).

Leader profile: Samuel Mosha, Mount Kilimanjaro

I am one of the Kilimanjaro old-timers. I was born in Marangu village at the base of Kilimanjaro in 1955 and my working life has been guiding on Kilimanjaro. I started leading trips in 1999 and I admit that at that time I was not as good a guide as I am now. This improvement is due to the regular training sessions that I’ve attended over the past 10 years. My family is not very big by African standards as I have only four children who are all in school. The first-born is in secondary school and the other three are still in primary schools.

Spots, Pearls and Whales

Paul Goldstein discovers the delights of Sri Lanka’s wildlife

Cramp frequently bites at inopportune moments and this was no exception. I had held the ninja like position balancing my lens on the edge of the sill for ten minutes waiting for the immaculately svelte leopard to turn her head. Suddenly my calf was as hard as the gnarled branch she was moulded to. However nothing would compromise the moment and as a pair of bee-eaters sped under her chaise longue, their anxious call woke the slumbering feline.

Living the Italian dream

Who knows how a dream starts? Was it a clip from an old film on a Sunday afternoon, or a magazine article that lit the spark? All I know is that I have always longed to visit Positano.

The pastel painted villas clinging like limpets to the cliffs, the narrow gorge opening onto a pebble beach littered with fishing boats and the open-air café life under the ancient Mediterranean sun was one of those visions in the "must do one day" file.

Balvinder Singh - Exodus' leader in India

I am Balvinder Singh (nickname Bali), a Sikh Indian married man living in Delhi along with my family. I’ve been married eight years and have one son so far, who is 6 years old. I was born in 1974 and in 1996 I enrolled in a Travel and Tourism Course and simultaneously started a diploma course in French. In 1999, after leading French groups, I started to lead English groups with Exodus. Thereafter, it continued from season to season until 2001. With the beginning of this millennium, many things changed and Exodus started to use more specialist local leaders in India.

Madagascan Journey

Madagascar. The name alone is exotic and conjures images of a mystical place. And somewhere I had longed to go for some time.

Lying off the south east coast of Africa, this island – almost three times the size of Britain – is home to some amazing and unique flora and fauna. Most notably the lemurs, with around 70 species, all endangered, and most of the world’s chameleons. But there is so much more, and new discoveries are still being made. This is what most of the group had come for, and we were not to be disappointed.

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