Zebras Cuddling


Mountain gloat

  I arrived home and flopped down to some mind-numbing soap opera when I suddenly realised what I’d agreed to. “I’m going to climb the tallest mountain in Africa!” I told my kind and supportive flatmates, who all burst into laughter. The next day was the first of many spent in preparation for Kilimanjaro. It became immediately and somewhat painfully apparent that I would need to work hard on my fitness. One night I decided to take the stairs at the train station instead of the escalator, just to see how it went – badly, as it turned out.

High society

It had been 15 years since I’d last looked upon the Nepalese Himalaya. Flying into Lukla was the perfect, hair-raising springboard into the Khumbu Valley, anticipation building for the next 22 days of serious trekking. A day in Kathmandu gave time to finalise kit and meet the expert guide Kangbu Sherpa. The expedition started in earnest the next day, taking a circuitous route through the Hinku Valley – ideal for strengthening, acclimatising and team building for the impeding challenge.

Reasons to visit Amalfi

Amalfi Coast

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Amalfi Amore

The sun’s rays caress my eyelids as I sit back on the terrace and allow the floral aromas of a crisp white wine to gently unfold on my palate. I open my eyes in the knowing bliss that the holiday has begun, and that there’s a week of discovery ahead!

The table is arrayed with all things Italian; cured hams, juicy mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes, olive oil glazed pasta, and seemingly bottomless carafes of wine!

Sailing Down the Nile

sailing down the Nile

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The sun is setting now.  A gentle wind sweeps through my hair.  I am content here. Sayed, our leader, knew today’s early morning visit to Abu Simbel would tire us all, and that a felucca ride on the Nile would be the best way to end our day. 

Ruins, Rainforests and Beaches of Central America

Mayan ruins

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“Vamanos ... time to go ... vamos” our guide kept repeating, leaving me with no option other than to (reluctantly!) part with the cool bench where I had sought refuge.

Mayan Civilisation

Sitting and observing the grandeur of these pyramids in Tikal Guatemala had left me so mesmerized that I had lost track of the rendezvous time set by our leader.

Trekking in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

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The small dot wheeling above me was a steppe buzzard. I only knew that because Mr Nabil had pointed one out earlier that day.

Passing high to my left, it had appeared from over the red mountain to the south, which although looked close enough to touch, was actually 25 miles away across the Saudi Arabia border.

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