Zebras Cuddling


Burma-Front thawing

Exodus Product Manager, Anna Dambrosio, takes a ride off the beaten track to unearth Burma’s hidden gems…

‘Burma by Bike’ – my excitement was initially clouded by apprehension. With the release of the ‘The Lady’ from house arrest in 2010, the end of the tourism boycott and a period of relative stability, the number of visitors to Burma has rapidly increased, turning from pariah to a must-see destination. I was afraid I’d find a country invaded by tourists and slowly losing its authentic character.

The Taste of Turkey

Turkish food is a feast for all the senses, not just the taste buds. This vibrant, colourful cuisine can be smelt wafting through the streets at mealtimes; expect to be left salivating over the scent of kebabs unlike anything you’ve seen before, sticky-fingered after a plate of honey-soaked borek and get used to your ears pricking up at the sound of Turkish coffee being poured. It’s brilliant social dining too. Meze platters present a multitude of new flavours, textures and delights, perfect to pick at and try new dishes risk-free – whilst getting to know your fellow travellers.

Tour of Mont Blanc Group Reunion

on the tour of mont blanc

Friends for over 20 Years after 'Tour of Mont Blanc' (TMB) trip in 1989 By Loyal Exodus client Osanna Whitehouse.

Twenty years ago, in August 1989, 16 people, together with two leaders joined an Exodus walking and camping Tour of Mont Blanc – evermore known as TMB. It was, initially, a ‘normal’ group, some couples, some singles, brought together by their common desire to walk in The Alps. 

I've started so I'll Finnish

Tucked away in the far east of Finland, just south of the Arctic Circle and only 50 miles from the Russian border lies the town, and region of Kuhmo. With only two inhabitants per square kilometre the population of around 10,000 are spread out over some 5,000 square kilometres, living in the main town or small hamlets dotted between the many lakes.

Best Activities in Turkey

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The turquoise waters that lap the Lycian coast not only provide a fantastic place for diving but also provide the beautiful backdrop for the rest of the trip.

The small town of Kas – our base for the week - has in recent years become renowned for being the adventure capital of Lycia. Nature has provided a playground of rivers, canyons, mountains and coast for the adventurous to play in. You just have to be game enough to take part!

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