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Leader in the spotlight - Sayed in Egypt

We’re often asked what makes a small group adventure holiday so special. Some say the journey of discovery; some say travelling with like-minded people; some say the element of the unknown. We couldn’t agree more, but believe that none of these moments are possible without one person… the leader. We’re firm believers in our leaders, and realise their potential to turn your travelling experiences into trips of a lifetime. With their relentless passion, unrivalled specialist knowledge and inspiring stories, leaders are often the forgotten key element of your holiday.

Desert, Dunes & 4W Drives

“We’re not going back to camp yet. Not in this light” our leader, Durr, announces in his thick Afrikaans accent. “We’re not going up there are we?” a member of the group questions. He turns his head to face us at the helm of his indestructible 4x4 and smiles. After a vertical climb we gingerly clamber out of the vehicle and realise immediately why he’s brought us here. As the sun sets over the Hoanib Valley we witness a staggering panorama over the dunes, turning the sand beneath our feet a deep orange hue. I feel microscopic.

Snow Place Like Home: Snowshoeing in the Dolomites

Crystal blue skies, the wind whistling past my ears and the crunch of snow compacting beneath my snowshoes – the landscape absorbed me. I let my thoughts drift like the falling snowflakes, just for a moment, on the snowy escarpment. All around me, the dramatic crags of the Dolomites seemed to pierce the cold air like needles. A steady, half hour climb had given us this reward. Through clusters of pine trees, branches laden with snow, we had made our way between the majestic mountains, their huge existence almost daring us to venture further.

One big climb success

Exodus’ Managing Director Peter Burrell reports on the recent charity climb by One I am really pleased to report that the team from Global Ethics made it to Kala Pattar and 5555m in November to complete their challenge. They raised well over £18,000 in the process. This means that at least another two communities in Africa will soon have access to clean water via a Play Pump.

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