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Rice & Shine: One Day in Hanoi City, Vietnam

Daily life in Hanoi begins early – the inhabitants seem to rise with the sun. I too was here early, a day before the start of our itinerary, and determined to discover all I could. You can wander to each of the five distinctive districts with ease, so after an early breakfast, map in hand, I headed out into the heart of Hanoi. Hoan Kiem Lake surprised me with the extent of activity in the park – the lush, green banks were alive with locals practising martial arts and women bunched together swaying to music.

Street Life

Fragrant wafts of lemongrass, ginger and chilli envelope my nose and tease my taste buds as I wait for my bowl of aromatic pho ga to cool. Sitting outside on a plastic chair of questionable quality and stability, I’m almost too close for comfort to the frenetic mix of scooters, cars and bicycles whizzing  up and down the bustling Hanoi street  while street vendors rumble by laden with eclectic and gaudy wares.

Wildlife Facts

Planet Earth is teeming with wildlife; big cats prowl African savannahs, birdsong symphonies ring out from rainforest canopies, whales breach at the ends of the Earth as Mountain gorillas beat their chests from an East African jungle nest…our animal kingdom always astonishes and amazes us.

There are millions of different species of animals in the world; our oceans are home to nearly fifty per cent of all animal life on Earth, while one in ten known species can be found in the Amazon Rainforest.

Canada's great outdoors

Vicky bears all about her recent wildlife adventure in Canada's great outdoors hotspot, British Columbia...

"CAUTION: BEAR IN AREA” proclaims the yellow and blue sign on the jetty. The boat’s engine is cut. We drift full of anticipation. I am not the only one scanning the forest ahead, half expecting a family of bears as a reception committee.

Mumma Mia!

After we have seen the Mummies can we see the Daddies?” asked my son on a recent visit to the British Museum. By the time I had finished explaining that Mummies actually had something to do with bandages and dead, rich people rather than ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ his attention had turned towards filling his rumbling tummy.

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