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A Feast of Wild Places: A Tour of Patagonia

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Charred and smoking, piles of red hot coal formed a line of fire, dividing the town’s main square. Plumes of ash flew into the air as a local parrillero braved the searing heat to tend to the burning coals; an iron rod clenched in one hand, he wiped the soot from his face with the other.

Raised above the flames were 12 metal spits, each containing a lamb, splayed open to slowly and evenly roast in the heat of the open pit. Welcome to Patagonia.

Culinary Odyssey (part 4): La Paella, Spain

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The paella I like to make at home is an all-singing, all-dancing affair laden with seafood and meat, although regional Spanish variations abound.

Let's just say this is the champion's version, and in this supposed gloomy economic climate making this lavish but simple dish will bring a smile to your face and a content fullness to your stomach.

Culinary Odyssey (Part 6): Lohikeitto, Finland

Lohikeitto dish

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For the final instalment of Dan Jackson's worldwide culinary odyssey, he's "Finnishing" in Finland with the ultimate Scandinavian comfort food.

A colleague once informed me that the reason London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games was down to the Finns voting for us. Nothing unusual there you might think, but the reason they voted for us was down to some fairly inappropriate comments regarding their cuisine from the French President at the time, Jacques Chirac.

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