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Balvinder Singh - Exodus' leader in India

<p>I am Balvinder Singh (nickname Bali), a Sikh Indian married man living in Delhi along with my family. I’ve been married eight years and have one son so far, who is 6 years old. I was born in 1974 and in 1996 I enrolled in a Travel and Tourism Course and simultaneously started a diploma course in French. In 1999, after leading French groups, I started to lead English groups with Exodus. Thereafter, it continued from season to season until 2001. With the beginning of this millennium, many things changed and Exodus started to use more specialist local leaders in India.

Madagascan Journey

Madagascar. The name alone is exotic and conjures images of a mystical place. And somewhere I had longed to go for some time. Lying off the south east coast of Africa, this island – almost three times the size of Britain – is home to some amazing and unique flora and fauna. Most notably the lemurs, with around 70 species, all endangered, and most of the world’s chameleons. But there is so much more, and new discoveries are still being made. This is what most of the group had come for, and we were not to be disappointed.

Meet the Leader: Sara Bull

To travel the world, rucksack on back, living day-to-day, never quite able to anticipate what experiences the day will bring. To see sights that you never imagined could be so beautiful, to speak to people that you may never have met otherwise and to share these experiences with others are just some of the reasons why I’m still so passionate about what I do.

Wading through Wadis

We were woken in the night by an astonishing thunderstorm, during which, for at least an hour, the thunder and lightning were continuous. There was literally no gap in the roar, nor a second of darkness as the rain machine-gunned the roof. At breakfast, whilst tired, we were animatedly talking about the storms and wondering whether we’d be able to do the anticipated ride over a 2000-metre-high pass. The first news was that the guides had been out and decided that the pass was impassable.

A Trip to Tsukiji Market

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Rising at 5:30 am on the last day of a fortnight’s tour of Japan wasn’t easy. But it had to be done, as today was our last chance to visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji market in Japan.

Tsukiji sells a vast variety of foodstuffs, but is principally famous for fish; this is what draws the crowds in by the thousands. Bleary-eyed, my two friends and I took the Hibiya line on the underground to Tsukiji.

Laos Cycling Tour

Laos Cycling Tour

The Vietnamese plant the rice… The Cambodians watch it grow… The Laotians listen to it growing.’ So went a saying (allegedly) among the colonials when these countries were French Indochina.

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