Zebras Cuddling


Cycling Holiday in Kerala and Tropical India


Read time - 2 minutes

Exodus’ veteran Phil Normington takes to two wheels on one of our most popular cycling trips in the beautiful landscape and villages of Southern India.

I didn’t know for certain what 'Granny Gear' was until this morning, but it’s been the only gear in use for a couple of hours now. Twenty-seven speeds on this bike, but this is the very lowest, and there’s still 35 hairpin bends to go.

Trekking the Inca Trail

Read time - 1 minute

No other trek can compete with the Inca Trail for its sense of history, as you tread the ancient road network of the Incas. As for starting the trail, it's hard to beat the Amazon Rainforest.

You will immediately be struck by the heat and humidity of the rainforest. The most refreshing way to travel is to be on the river, heading upstream to the tranquility of the Tambopata Jungle reserve. 

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