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Reasons to combine a parkrun with your adventure holiday

Reasons to combine parkrun with an adventure

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If you’re a born traveller, you’ll understand the appeal of parkrun tourism. What’s a parkrun tourist? It’s any parkrunner who travels beyond their nearest parkrun to enjoy the variety and new experiences that travel brings.

Explore the world with parkrun

But why not extend your tourism above and beyond your local area and use it as a chance to explore the world?

Alphabet parkrun Tourist

parkrun tourist

<p><em>Read time - 6 minutes</em></p><p><strong>What is a parkrun tourist? It’s anyone who enjoys a <a href="node/52656" target="_self">parkrun </a>which isn’t their immediate local run - simple as that! </strong></p><p>If you're a globetrotting jogger, then the global success of parkrun means there's a whole host of incredibly exciting routes waiting for you.

International Day of Forests


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Today is National Forest Day, and we’re celebrating the rich biodiversity of the world’s greatest forests. Without our woodlands, this world would be less interesting – and we believe it’s important to respect the natural habitats and wildlife that the woods of the world.

Join us on a global journey through some of our favourite forests around the world...

Meet the Women Leading the Way: Celebrate Our Female Leaders

International Women's Day Balance For Better

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For International Women’s Day 2019, Exodus is redressing the balance. We’re striving toward a better gender balance between our leaders – in fact, we’ve already started, with initiatives around the world designed to encourage and empower talented young women to become tour leaders, especially in cultures where this doesn’t fit within the traditional gender roles.

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