Polar Bear with Cub

New Polar Holidays

New Polar Holidays

Exodus remains one of the few tour companies to take chartered expeditions to these untouched Polar regions. And we’re always adding to our range of Polar holidays to ensure we offer the best and most innovative range of trips for the intrepid adventurer.

With such a large range of Polar tours on offer, the toughest part of your journey will be whether to go north or south. Will you choose Antarctica, for its towering icebergs and penguin colonies, or the Arctic, home to the elusive Polar bear? Read more about our new trips below.

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Quotes from the experts

"It’ll be a real pleasure to have several weeks to teach Paul and Chris a thing or two about photography (I know they’re both keen to learn) in one of my favourite places on the planet. And expedition adventures don’t come much more comfortable than on the Resolute.”

Mark Carwardine

“One ship, three Canons…. this will be something. I cannot wait to lock horns with these ‘sometime’ friends again and help share the seventh continent with a hundred or so polar pilgrims. Will the three of us be talking at the end of it? Come and find out!”

Paul Goldstein

"You don’t have to go to the ends of the Earth to get a good photo . . . but it helps! Snow and Ice, Golden Penguins, a Humpback Surprise . . . and these are just the cocktails at the bar! Seriously, this will be amazing.

Chris Packham

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