Five Stans July 13th

Four months until the Five Stans! Just checking in to see if any of my fellow travellers are posting here. The visa process should be starting soon, and provided none of us get blackballed by the Turkmen government, we should all be set for the summer!

Hello Suz, am sure that we will find out very soon about the Turkmen visas. Lets hope that there aren't any problems. See you in Ashgabat in July.


Hi Suz and Brian, Have just got around to joning the forum. Ihave my Tjikistan visa but have received nothing from Exodus re Turkmenistan visa. I was expecting a LOI 1 month out. Have you receivved anything yet? The local rep said its likely to be a few days before departure rather than the 1 month. I'm spending 2 days in Dubai on the way.

Nothing yet. I messaged the Exodus UK team last week, who were useless as always - just got some boilerplate back about "we've submitted the application and will let you know". It's very frustrating; I didn't want to get the Tajik visa or book travel to Heathrow until all this was confirmed, but it looks like I may need to take that risk if they'll be cutting it so very fine. I have no idea why they didn't just apply in March when they collected our initial details, instead of waiting till May.

Hi, I have contacted Exodus twice now asking about the LOI , that you (apparently) need on arrival. Im travelling from Australia with 2 days in Dubai. I would have like to have had it 1 month out as indicated on the trip notes. I have my Tjik visa, easy enought to do. Hopefully the LOI comes through in time, its a long way to go to be tripped on arrival. Cheers Karen

Update - I chased again this morning and about an hour later I had my LOI sent through. I hope the rest of you have yours now too!

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