Gorillas & Masai Mara

I am all booked and cannot wait. I have never done anything like this before and am so excited.

Hi Helen, are you on the camping trip that starts Saturday 14th September  ? 


Hi Mark,

Yes I am. It's my first safari so really looking forward to it. Have you done anything like this before?

Yeah, I've done a Safari through Botswana previously and in Indonesia. I've also done voluntary work with wildlife in both Africa and Asia. I'm really looking forward to this trip, so many highlights, travelling through the Masai Mara, the Chimpanzee trek and then the Gorillas. Wow it's going to be an epic adventure. I'm sure you'll have a great time on your first Safari, is this your first trip to Africa ? 

Wow you're a dab hand at this all then. I might have questions over the next 10 months if you don't mind. Yeah South Africa is another first for me. What sort of age ranges go on this sort of hol? I guess it's quite a good bonding experience 

On the trips I've been on there have been age ranges from late teens all the way through to there 60's. 

Yeah if you've got any questions fire away, I'm  more than happy to help anyway I can. Where are you travelling from? 

Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm travelling from the midlands so will get a train to London for the flight. How about you? 

Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm travelling from the midlands so will get a train to London for the flight. How about you? 

I'm travelling  from Newcastle, so like you I'll probably get the train down. I think The flight is not til 21.30 on the Saturday night. 

Hi all

my husband and I are doing the gorillas and the Masai Mara camping trip in September. How hard will the trek in the jungle be? I am fairly fit but am a bit worried that it might be quite tough. Any advice from fellow travellers who are early to mid 50s?

Hi Angela, 

I think the Gorilla trek has the potential to be a bit of a slog depending on the group we are assigned, but if you class yourself as fairly fit I'm sure you'll be fine. 

I think there is an opportunity to hire porters to help with backpacks etc.

Looking forward to meeting you and your husband in September.



Hello everyone,

Really looking forward to the trip in less than two weeks time. Still thinking of last minute things to get and wondering how it will all fit into the bag!

See you all soon.

Hi Paul, it's sure to be a great adventure. 

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to take can't it. I think I'm going to try and travel light. Sleeping bags will take up most of the room in my holdall.

How much money is everyone taking if you dont mind me asking?

and are you taking all in dollars?

I’ve found a lot of camping/outdoor stores are having their summer sales at the moment so there are some bargains. I found a compact sleeping bag that compacts down to about 20cms length and 10cms x 10cms. Just hope it’s warm enough but figure I can always put on a t-shirt if a little chilly.

As for money- i’m going for US $. Recently we all received some documents that has a link with the ‘trip notes’. I’m not doing the second, optional, gorilla trek or the white water rafting so when I totalled the visa cost, options, plus driver tip etc and it came to about $1000. I’m working on the principle that debit/credit cards may not work (if they do then all well and good), so ‘cash is king’. I’m sure you’ve had similar experience in your travels but I try to bring unmarked, clean, low denomination notes eg 1, 5, 10, 20 $ bills (in the UK you wouldn’t pay for a £3 sandwich deal with a £50 note without raising an eyebrow).

As a separate note, malaria tablets- I went for malarone.

Hi Mark and Paul,  

John and I have started laying out the travel gear and will try to keep it light too. Hopefully we‘ll have opportunities to do some washing. Bear in mind they only want us to use eco friendly soap, shampoo, etc.  We’re only taking US$ too and worked out from the itinerary how much to account for. We won’t do the 2nd gorilla trek and just have to hope for a good sighting of a family on day one. I do want to do some white water rafting though as the reviews rave about this experience. I think we also need to plan for a couple of meals, snacks and drinks. And should we all have a fabulous time by the end of the trip we will want to show our appreciation with a good tip for the guide and crew as they work bxxxdy hard to make this one of the greatest trips we will ever experience.

We went to Namibia 9 years ago so are expecting this trip to be a  bit simllar with the exception of the treks for the gorillas and chimps.  We can’t wait and look forward to meeting you all.

Until 2 weeks time,

Angela and John

Hi Angela and John,

Lovely to hear from you- is there anything in particular you would recommend bringing, ie when you were in Africa you thought ‘I wish I had brought x with me!’ 

Totally agree with the tip for the guide and everyone.

We did like the sound of the white-water rafting bit but prefer the more gentle experience rather than the ‘full-on’ Grade V experience. i suppose it’s just seeing what they offer when we get there.

Chris and Paul

Hi Chris and Paul

In reply to your question, on our last Africa trip to Namibia a while ago, I don’t think we really missed having brought anything other than my iPad in order to upload the photos taken on the day but someone else had one so we saw pretty much the same pics they took.  Definitely look at exodus suggested packing list and prepare for hot days and cooler nights.  I have just bought a light weight, foldable puffer jacket for the evenings or nights around the camp fire but a thin fleece will be equally good. Plus plan for potential wet days, especially when trekking but any trekking trousers or tops should dry out quickly. We’re also taking light weight micro towels as they dry fast and are easy to wash.

We are all bound to wish we brought something that we might have forgotten or wish we had with us, but as a group, I am sure we can help each other out with any necessities.

See you both soon

Hi everyone,

Last minute packing sorted, probably forgot something. Roll on Saturday!


Doesn't seem two minutes since I booked the trip and now it's nearly time. 

Hi All

has anyone managed to check-in online yet? We tried last night but the airline’s website wouldn't let us.  We‘ll try again tonight or we may need to do it when we get to the airport tomorrow.

See you soon. Getting very excited! 

Angela & John

Well after all the planning, deciding what to pack, unpack and repack- the day is finally here.

We are now on our way to Gatwick (don’t ask- we are the type who prefer to arrive 5 hours early). If you see two people who look like extras from the film ‘Out of Africa’ we are probably in your group!

Take care,

Chris and Paul

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