Primates and Dragons........May 11th departure

Hello everyone! I'm just wondering if there is anyone else booked on this trip with me? I'm a solo traveller and it helps ease my nerves to hear from people before we meet up :-) I'm so excited and this has been on my travel list for quite some years. Hope to hear from someone soon, Hayley

Hello Hayley. We have just booked onto this trip and also very excited about going. We are flying out 1 day earlier than the scheduled group flights, but look forward to meeting you and the rest of the group in Medan in May! Peter & Ruth.

It's good to hear from someone else on it. I'm beginning to put a list together for what to pack, I wish it was sooner :-) I didn't realise we had numerous nights in the same hotel through stages on the tour, will be a nice change as there is usually just one night spent overnight in places on trips like this. I hope we get to see a shed load of rays!! The boat is going to be a proper adventure. Do you think we will need to take a light waterproof at all??

Hello. Yes, I'd definitely pack a waterproof. I'd be happy to be wrong, but I can't believe we'd get away with not needing something. Staying somewhere for a few nights at a time sounds good to me as well and not just travelling every day. Never done much snorkelling but really looking forward to it, pictures look ace and rays would be an absolutely brilliant thing to see!


Superbly excited about the rays infact I'm just excited about everything. I'm gonna treat myself to a snorkle and I've invested ina GoPro for when we are in the water, really don't want to miss out and can easily share any footage with anyone who wants it. Hope we are lucky and there are loads of them around!!! It's really not that long to go, it will be upon us before we know it :-) It's my birthday when we are in Bali whoooooop whooooop!!!

If I don't hear from you before you travel then safe journey and hope you have a lovely day before we meet. You will be well rested unlike us who will be rolling off the flight and getting stuck straight into it. I'm hoping there are some good films to catch otherwise the person sat next to me will have their ears talked off (ha ha ha ha ha).

Hi, are any of you taking anti malarials?

look forward to meeting you

Jacky and John

Hello Jacky and John, good to hear from more people who are going :-) Hope you are excited though I'm getting the feeling I've gotten too excited too early lol. I'm taking anti-malerials. As far as I can see, they are not needed everywhere but because we are jumping from one island to another I'm just taking them all the way through, I just feel its not worth the risk. I take Malerone as it's one a day (2 days before the maleria area and 7 days after leaving also) and I have not experienced side effects. It's a little more expensive than other courses but maleria tends to be less resistant to that anti-malerial. I get it from SimpleOnlinePharmacy and go for the generic brand (not the named one as they are all the same and a fraction of the price). Hope this helps you decide. I order mine as a batch (there were 3 of us travelling together last time) to make them even more value for money but make sure you count correctly :-/ 

Apart from that are you both looking forward to it? I always get nervous when travelling alone and that first meeting of people so its great hearing from you on here. Are you on the big flight going out from the UK or are you opting for a seperate flight?

Hayley x 

Hi everyone.

We checked with the travel nurse this week and she said we didn't need anti-malarials so we won't be taking them.

Realy looking forward to this trip!

Sandra and Neil

Hello :-) Good to hear from you!!! By the end of next week we may have brought the full trip together on here.

Thanks for your comments. We have been getting mixed messages about malarial areas. I’m sure that it’s the sensible thing to take them Hayley, and Malarone would be our choice, but I think we are going to risk it without. I have bought a mosquito net. It may not be possible to use it but we’ll give it a go!

BTW we are adding in the Gili extension- anybody else?



I'd have loved to have had an add on but I don't have enough holidays left :-( it sounds ace, am superbly jealous :-)

As for the risk factor, its only Komodo thats cconsidered high risk and the rest is low-ish so it's not much of a risk you are taking. I'm just probably being over cautious plus if I took them just for Komodo I'd probably forget to start them.

I cant stop Googling pictures! Did any of you catch the 'wildest islands of Indonesia' on tv recently? Excellent series.

Hi all, we are so looking forward to this adventure, started to pack already haha.  Jacky, we are also booked on to the Gili extension. See you soon. Sue and Phil

Super excited! Just started my packing although I hate packing lol. Think I need a smaller case too cos its not very full.

Looking forward to making lots of memories eith you all.

Safe journey everyone and see you in Sumatra x

 very excited too, although the long flight is daunting. Struggling with what to take to keep under 20kg! Looking forward to meeting you all

Jacky and John

ps lookout for the blue luggage labels....

 We asked some questions and thought the reply might be useful

Hopeyou're well and are getting excited!    I wouldn't take too much cash.  I took a debit card and withdrew cash from ATM's and this worked well.  Everyone in my group did a mixture of cash and debit card.



If your sandals have good grip and are good for walking they will probably be fine.  There can be a lot of undergrowth and mud under foot in the forest when trekking so something you feel comfortable walking a few hours in is essential.  Trainers will probably be ok as well but it's humid so might get a bit sweaty!


A waterproof jacket is a must as you can get sudden downpours on Sumatra and high socks (to tuck your trousers in for the trekking to avoid leaches) is a good idea.  I only got cold on the boat in the evenings when the sun went down and there was a sea breeze so worth having a warm layer for the evenings I'd say but otherwise it should be warm and humid so don't take too much warm gear.


Snorkelling fins, mask and snorkel are provided on the boat but if you have your own mask and snorkel I'd bring them as they will be better than the borrowed gear.


It's great to hear advice from someone who has been. Good advice on the money although I'm sure that my debit card would charge me as it's just a regular hole in the wall card. I'll look into it as that would be so much better. I generally take cash and tend to hide it amongst various bags.

I'm struggling with luggage too although the other way Jacky, I don't seem to have much at all!!

Not long now, just started the last week at work (yep I'm working my bank holiday) and then it's adventure time. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!


Hayley, you must tell your bank or they will block your card

Thanks!! Very good call nudging me on that :-S

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