Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand - departing Heathrow 27th July

First timers in South East Asia.  Be great to hear from anyone on this trip regarding advice on clothing/precautions/flights etc. Basically anything.

Looking forward to meeting everyone either in Heathrow or Bangkok


I'm David, arriving in Bangkok on 25 July to explore a little before joining the group and extending for a beach holiday in Phuket at the end. Really looking forward to the trip... Just need to sort out the Visa situation. 

Hi David, As I understand it the only visa we need unless staying longer than 15 days is Cambodia, correct?


I hadn't read the information until just. Assumed I needed to do something. Thailand for less than 30 days and Vietnam for less than 15 days, no visa required. Needed for Cambodia, but you can buy a Visa at the border. However, Exodus recommended getting an e-visa when I contacted them as it saves time. Just applied for one at: , but said "something went wrong" at the last step, but the status says pending and payment successful. So waiting to see!

The Cambodian e-visa came through within a few hours. It says you still have to fill in the arrival and departure cards when you get there, so probably not much benefit in getting the e-visa, but nothing lost, etc.

I'm going to start a new thread, because I'm cycling, I think this one is for the Family Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand trip

Hi Alan

We’re a family of 4 travelling out from Heathrow on 27th.  No idea what to advise. Husband has been to Thailand (many years ago) but the rest of us are first timers too. We do have a family appointment with the nurse at GP centre next week to discuss if any vaccinations are recommended. I think we might need a Hepatitis A.

Not sure if I'm on the correct thread given David's comment.  For those on the cycling trip, any tips on ftiness? I have an e-bike but have basically turned off the power and am ok for about 25 miles in one go but 54 miles is a bit daunting!  

Btw geting my jabs from Boots - much quicker an easier than getting a GP appointment.  





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Hi Susanna,


Just my son and I going, he’s just had his holiday jabs, Hep A and Typhoid, the rest (Polio/Tetanus/Diptheria) he’s up-to-date through school.


I’m going on the 12thJune. Probably for all above.  My biggest concern was malaria, but I know someone who worked over in Vietnam/Cambodia for 8 years and married a Vietnamese lady, they say they haven’t heard of anyone having malaria, so that puts that into perspective. Dengue fever also rare but taking plenty of spray DEET/Skin So Soft as a deterrent. Also taking a couple of mosquito nets for night, though I doubt whether they’ll be necessary.

Hi Alan

We've all been as a family today to the nurse at GP's practice. We've all had Hepatitis A/Typhoid vaccinations and my husband, who wasn't up to date with tetanus boosters, had that too.

How old is your son? Our son has just turned 18. We also have a daughter who's just turned 16 - maximum age for the family adventure holiday so we just got in.  So both just finished GCSEs and A Levels.


Looking forward to meeting you both.



Hi Susanna, we had the jabs on the same day then! – just need to go back for my 2nd MMR on 10th July.  My son is 16 and just finishing his GCSE’s this week, then he’s hitting the gym 5 days a week (supposedly!) He said that if he has another Hep A within 6 months he’ll be protected for 25 years, so he’ll be doing that.

When I was booking the trip I had a choice of a departure on the 20th or the 27th, I chose the 27th as there were 4 other families with children of a similar age (M13, F16+M18, M15+M18, F16+F18), so I think by a couple of days in, there will be a spilt in the bus with the kids all at the back! (Not sure if the 20th is even going now).  Just got my travel insurance through the P.O., where I’ll get my currency from too, think I’ll just take US$, which should be good for Vietnam/Cambodia, and possibly Thailand, if not I’ll exchange some. We’ve got the Premier Inn at Brentford booked for overnight, I don’t trust East Midlands Trains to get us down from Derby on Sat morning without some kind of hitch.

If you are going on

Cycle Indochina and Angkor (MOC) Departing 27/28 July , if you click this, I've started a new blog.

Hi Alan

It's nice to hear that the children are all roughly same age. I think my 2 were a little worried, especially 18 year old son.


I was thinking of getting some US$ too. I think one of the emails from Exodus suggested obtaining local currency out there.


We're travelling down from Newcastle Upon Tyne on the Friday and staying overnight in Hounslow. We have friends there so we're taking the opportunity to catch up with them. I wouldn't risk leaving the travel down to London on the same day either!


Suddenly this all becoming quite real! :)

Hi Suzanna and Alan

I've just joined the forum.  We will be joining you on 27 July with our daughter aged 17 and our son aged 15.  This is also our first time in South East Asia and I appreciated your comments on holiday jabs and as I wasn't sure what to ask for.  We live in Kent and are close enough to drive up to Heathrow in time for the flight.  We shall look out for you all on arrival.  Great news that the kids are all roughly the same age, although our two sit GCSEs and A Levels next summer.

Hi Charlie!
The nurse at the GP practice just went through our vaccination records and looked at which jabs are needed for our trip. 
I guess we'll all be looking out for people with teenagers in tow at Heathrow :).

Hi Charlie/Susanna,

Just had my last MMR jab, and I’m good to go!  A little over TWO WEEKS to go.  Think I’m all sorted, apart from a short haircut!

The plane out seems to be on average 30 mins late but doesn’t affect the connecting flight. I don't use Heathrow very often, I guess this is the norm. Seats booked in and out. Need to steel myself for the flight – almost 12hrs with another 75min “hop” on top…I thought Florida was a long way last year! Look forward to seeing you on the 27th.

Hi Alan/Susanna,

Thanks for the reminder about booking seats on the flights.  I've just logged on and managed to book all of our seats.  Getting excited now and better start reading up on what to expect. I'm sure the long flight will be worth it!

Hi Alan and Charlie

I didn't realise that we could book our seats already! I thought we had to wait until check-in. Thanks for the heads up - I've just booked our seats for all flights. Gosh, it's starting to feel real now.

I keep trying to get the kids to think of practical clothing. Very difficult. I expect I'll be still nagging them just before we go. Teenagers!

See you all soon.



Hi Alan and Charlie

I didn't realise that we could book our seats already! I thought we had to wait until check-in. Thanks for the heads up - I've just booked our seats for all flights. Gosh, it's starting to feel real now.

I keep trying to get the kids to think of practical clothing. Very difficult. I expect I'll be still nagging them just before we go. Teenagers!

See you all soon.



oops, wrong forum

Talking about clothing, I think I might have gone the full-Ray Mears for this trip!  I’ve bought some mosquito-deterring Nosilife shirts and trousers which are quick-drying, so can be washed every night in the sink (cuts down on the packing!) And the trousers are zip-off, for when we have to wear long trousers in the temples. Packing plenty of Anthisan though just in case!

So I guess you guys have heard about the possible strike at Heathrow on 26th & 27th July?

 Nothing like a bit of additional stress eh!?

 Have you been involved in anything like this before?

 I’ve done a bit of Googling and found this from Exodus in 2010…

 “Mon, 08/16/2010 - 17:51

 Hi Guys,

 We have been discussing this at the office. I know we all remember too well the BA strikes, that in the end were not that difficult to cope with, and the Ash Cloud chaos, BUT this time we are all a lot more confident that these strikes will not go ahead. If they do happen, then we will of course do all we can to get people out to their holidays and back home.

 Those who have bought a package (including international flights) will be fully financially protected. Those who have bought their own flights unfortunately not. In summary we will aim to get people re-booked to travel from a different airport or the following day. If we can’t manage to get you to your trip, you will get your money back. If a strike is announced, we will put a detailed policy and guidance note on the website.

 Hope that helps.

 Mike James - Operations Director. Exodus”

 I’m more concerned that if Heathrow literally CLOSES, where we are going to stay.  I’m insured through the Post Office so we should get access to the lounge if delayed over two hours, but I don’t know how long you can stay there.

 Hopefully the strike will be called off, but I like to be prepared and have a plan if things do get difficult. 

Either way, it’d be nice to all meet up somewhere, so we can share information etc..

Hi Alan

Yes, I'm a little worried but not sure what we can do at the moment. I'm just glad we're not travelling independently!

I hadn't thought about hotels being booked up etc if there is a delay. We're quite lucky that, if necessary, we could stay at a friend's house. 

Surely Exodus would do something rather than leave everyone stranded at Heathrow?

Let's just hope that, if the strike goes ahead, it's only a few delays rather than full on closure.

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