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Exodus are proud partners of parkrun!

For over 40 years Exodus Travels have been connecting like-minded people to different cultures around the world, supporting local communities and helping travellers to grow from their experience. parkrun is a central hub for the local community and we are proud to partner up with such an inclusive movement that fosters and continuously grows its community roots.

Like taking part in a parkrun, we believe joining one of our adventures is an experience that will have a positive and lasting impact on not only your life, but your friends and family too when you inspire them with your stories and pictures.

The feeling you get from completing your first or fiftieth parkrun is the same buzz you get from taking either your first or fiftieth flight!

Using parkrun as a base, you can help improve your health and fitness while making a whole new set of friends in the parkrun community. Having 1,200 locations in 17 countries, there are plenty of options of parkrun’s to join!

Many of the 35,000 people that join an Exodus trip are parkrunners already and they know it’s the perfect way to prepare for some of our more challenging adventure holidays. A real mixture of solo runners and those running with friends or family groups, parkrun shares many group characteristics to one of our trips – but in a more sweaty way (sometimes!)

By partnering with parkrun we are able to take our global vision of supporting local communities and initiatives onto home soil with parkrun.

When you come on an Exodus adventure, you leave with not only a new yearning for travel and discovery, but a whole new extended family. Once you join a parkrun, not only will you get a new extended family, but also someone to chase in front of you!

To celebrate this partnership, if you’re already a registered parkrunner we’re giving away free official apricot parkrun tops if you quote your parkrun ID at the time of booking.

“There are countless reasons why I love parkrun, for example, the varied terrain of each individual parkrun, making new friends, the feeling of achievement, the sudden wake up feeling when everyone arrives even though its 0900 on a Saturday, the opportunity to learn new skills in community involvement, getting healthier and stronger, and the challenge of being there whatever the weather to name but a few.” – Exodus employee and dedicated parkrunner, Jane Ruhland.

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Free official apricot parkrun tops:

Are you a parkrunner booking an Exodus Travels adventure? Then you can claim an apricot parkrun top of your choice absolutely free. Just quote your valid parkrun ID at the point of booking. Click here for more details.


Our Staff are parkrunners!

It’s not just our customers who are parkrunners – lots of the Exodus team are parkrunners too. Here are just a few.

Pete Burrell, Exodus' Managing Director 

Pete Burrell, Managing Director

I’ve run in some beautiful places all over the world, however one of my favourite places is still Wimbledon Common, which I’m local to and where I did my first parkrun.

Unfortunately, I had a heart attack and required bypass surgery last year, but I’ve just started parkrunning again – albeit a bit slower than before! I love that people of all ages and abilities are welcomed to parkruns – it’s a wonderfully inclusive organisation, just like Exodus.

Jane Ruhland, Accounts Department 

Jane Ruhland, Accounts Department 

Inspired by the 2012 Paralympics, running was, for me, now or never. I joined ESMAC veterans (Ealing Southall and Middlesex Athletic Club) road and track training nights and ran cross country, track and 10k leagues. From here, I heard about parkrun, and volunteered at Gladstone parkrun, ran there and volunteered and ran at Gunnersbury parkrun.

I was then told parkrun was being set up where I live by Fiona Kennedy from ESMAC and Santosh Rai from the local Nepalese community. I joined the core team, and after a lot of preparation, Northala Fields parkrun was inaugurated at the end of June 2014.  I was involved in run directing for the first year, and have been volunteering and running there ever since.

I still find it amazing that this is available, every Saturday morning for anyone who wants to register and try out a 5k run where parkrun is held.  If you haven’t already, find out more at Happy running from myself and everyone at Northala Fields parkrun!

Mike James, Exodus' Operations Director 

Mike James, Operations Director

I parkrun at Banstead Woods in leafy Surrey.

My wife Mary discovered parkrun in 2010, and I followed suit more tentatively at first in 2011. parkrun has lead us (and our kids) into the running fraternity, as Mary's success (she is rather fast!) was noticed and we are now all members of South London Harriers, our Coulsden-based running club. Week day evenings and weekends are now peppered with running-based events both competitive and social for the whole family. Thanks to the presence of other running kids ours slotted into the running way of life.

But parkrun was clearly the trigger. Social barriers are quickly broken down by shared endeavour. And seeing the same friendly faces week on week, it does not take long to strike up friendships, discuss upcoming events, favourite Sunday run routes or to follow a fellow parkrunner on Strava.

My running and fitness has come along fine, but the range of new social connections with runners fast and slow is what has had a really lasting and positive impact on my life. Thanks parkrun, I owe you one.

Andrea Beech, Adventure Expert – Web Sales Team 

Andrea Beech, Adventure Expert – Web Sales Team

"A couple of years ago I weighed 14 stone and was diagnosed with asthma and another condition that leads to weight gain. 

I lost a stone a year or 2 ago and then nothing. This year I made a new resolution and miraculously stuck to it. I started running, and have tried out two local parkruns so far. I still have 1 more stone to go, but I feel much fitter and healthier already. The only downside is losing weight is expensive; I’ve had to buy loads of new clothes!"

Charlie Newman, Operational Quality Executive 

Charlie Newman, Operational Quality Executive

"There are two main reasons for me getting involved in parkrun. Firstly, it’s such a great way to start your weekend! Without parkrun on a Saturday morning, there’s a high chance me and so many others would still be watching terrible cooking shows or catch up telly till midday and soon realising that half the day is gone. If I get my parkrun fix in first thing on Saturday morning it jump starts the weekend with a bit of momentum and gets the ball rolling for all the other adventures I might have lined up for Saturday and Sunday.

Second reason is, at no point does anyone feel like it’s a race. Yes, there’s the flurry of excitement at the beginning as everyone is eager to set off, but the camaraderie is much greater than the competition. The only competition is in fact against your own PB, and maybe the odd ten year old who runs past you in converse running at the side of a parent chatting away with ease whilst you gasp your deep breaths and resent saying yes to the extra gin and tonic the night before."

 Andy McKee, Exodus Leader

Andy McKee, Exodus Leader

“parkrun to me is the embodiment of ‘Sport for All’. I have run alongside my then 70 year old mother and recently my 5 year old niece on a junior run. You can line up alongside an Olympic Athlete or a mum pushing her baby round or a guy with a dog. There are no barriers, no costs, just fun and exercise in normally beautiful surroundings.

One of my favourite parkrun experiences was Christmas Day 2015 - a rare Christmas at home (I’m usually away working during this period). Bushy Park, the birth place of parkrun, is my local one and I had heard it is quite an event on Christmas morning. My sister was hosting a family Christmas brunch but we decided to delay it slightly and take in the parkrun.

I thought they might get a few hundred turn up but over 1,100 lined up on the start line - they had to widen the start line to avoid a mass pile up!

The run had a festival type atmosphere with all shapes, sizes and ages making a bit of room for the excesses due to come later in the day. It may sound like an odd thing to do, but I highly recommend a Christmas Day parkrun. It certainly takes away a lot of the guilt later in the day…”

Ben Lee, parkrun Partnership Manager 

 Ben Lee, parkrun Partnership Manager

“Like many people, watching the home Olympics in 2012 inspired me to get more active. Watching athletes like Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah made me want to lace up my old trainers and hit the road! After going for solo runs along the canals and parks of London, I noticed groups of people of varying speeds all running together through parks.

I was initially wary of joining a parkrun as I wasn’t sure if I would keep up or if the people would be nice. What immediately struck me was the community element of the runs. Even though it was my first time, the regulars made me (and fellow first-timers) feel welcome, sometimes by simply saying hello and smiling – which can be strange in London!

That each run finishes at the local café where you can get a cup of tea and slice of cake makes it all the more worthwhile!

Being located across the country I can’t wait to run the different trails and meet the amazing volunteers that makes each parkrun special – hopefully see you all soon!”

Laura in Exodus shirt at a parkrun event 

Laura Baldock, Marketing Executive

I’ve never really enjoyed running and trying to force myself out for a jog especially in cold, wet winter weather is especially difficult. I started doing parkrun last year, it’s motivating to know you’re going to an organised event, where your time will be tracked for you and where you can meet lots of new people. No matter what the weather, I now jump out of bed at 8am on Saturday morning to attend. The best thing is I feel like I’ve done my bit for the weekend, so then I can enjoy a few glasses of wine with absolutely no guilt!


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