Cultural Holidays in Poland

Poland has a rich and diverse history as well as landscape. Call the Exodus travel experts to discuss the various options.

Poland itself has had a turbulent past, a rich legacy of tragedy and a history of misrule. Its borders have expanded and contracted over the centuries, and it is only since World War II that it took the shape we know today. It is a country whose history is richly endowed with literature and culture and whose fervent religious faith has survived the ravages of both Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. The Poles are approaching the end of only their first decade of free elections after 45 years of Communism, and in fact the brave actions of the ‘Solidarity’ trade union movement led eventually to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Poland’s society, once as deeply traditional as any in Europe, is now developing very quickly as a new generation emerges, keen to adopt the ways of the West. Comprehensive economic reforms have shown dividends and overall standards of goods, services and accommodation have improved considerably as economic growth has taken off. It’s a good time to visit a fascinating country which has much to offer the discerning traveller.


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