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From swimming with sea lions in Darwin’s enchanted isles on a Galapagos cruise to witnessing Hindu ceremonies taking place on the Ganges River, our Exodus Discovery and Wildlife trips are designed to offer unapparelled cultural and wildlife encounters, through the help of our local guides’ knowledge and expertise.

We’ve refreshed some of our best-selling itineraries to get you that much closer to unforgettable experiences. We’ve also hand-picked a selection of our favourite Family Adventures and Winter Holidays, so you can start planning the ultimate getaway, whether that’s finding colourful toucans in the Costa Rica rainforest with the kids or enjoying a front-row seat to the spectacular Aurora Borealis on our Finnish Wilderness Week.

With our 2020 brochure launching in September 2019, this gives you plenty of time to look ahead to next year’s adventures. No matter what type of discovery and wildlife experience you’re searching for, you can find it here.


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