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It’s twice the experience when you know the local language

If you or your loved ones are planning a big trip in 2017, then Rosetta Stone is the perfect way to make that adventure richer. As an Exodus customer you can access the world famous language learning system at a special discount this Autumn. 

More than just a learning app, Rosetta Stone features live online tutorials and a community of learners, so students stay motivated and get to speak their new language right from the start.

Rosetta Stone teaches 24 languages, with a range from Arabic and Mandarin to Swahili and Filipino, as well as the European standards like French, English and Spanish. So wherever it is you’re travelling to, chances are you’ll be able to find what you need with Rosetta Stone.

Make travelling easier, safer and a lot more rewarding. Prepare for your journey with our travel partners, Rosetta Stone.


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