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Julian Alps

Julian Alps Trips

Holidays to Slovenia are not complete without a trip to the Julian Alps. Call our travel experts to discuss your options in detail.

Named after Julius Caesar, the Julian Alps are part of the Southern Limestone Alps that stretch from northeastern Italy to Slovenia, and rise to 2864m at Mount Triglav. A large section of the range is found in Triglav National Park.

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Julian Alps Adventure Holidays

This week had all we were looking for ...... heaps of action, a beautiful scenic country & a...

Polly Vallance , 2019 Slovenia Mixed Activity
Surely one of the most beautiful countries - unspoilt, natural and breath-taking.
Tracey Podger, 2019 Slovenia Mixed Activity

The week was really fun and well organised. Plenty of different activities in an amazing location...

Grant Cadden, 2019 Slovenia Mixed Activity