Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia Photographic Special (Akadmik Sergey Vavilov) - Take 2

Anyone from the 2015 trip doing the re-run this November?

Nope I'm an Antarctica virgin, so any advice gratefully received. Is this the "Paul" , guide and photographer ?  If so what photo gear do you recommend- lenses etc? Looking forward to meeting you and visiting a new continent.  

I'm based near Peterborough in uk, so anybody nearby to share transport?

many thanks, andy d

I was on the 2008 trip but unfortunately we never made it to the Antarctic Peninsula.  Having a second go!!

You can contact Paul the guide/photographer through the Exodus website.

Might see you at LHR.


Hi Dora, let's hope we make it there this time then, tho I have to confess being a bit worried about the trillion ton berg thats  recently cracked loose! Hoping that's not going to get in the way.  Really looking forward to this trip, antarctica has long been a feature on the bucket list.

was South Georgia... amazing wildlife!!  Those bergs should take quite some time to travel any distance.  

Hi Andy / Dora. No, im not THE Paul ;) but i can offer some advice on photo gear based on my previous trips - Im sure others will chip in with their thoughts as well.

I always take 2 camera [DSLR] bodies so i have a backup - i'd hate to have a camera fail and get no pictures but that me being OTT :)

If you want to do birds in flight and whales from the deck you'll want a decent telephoto - 200-300mm minimum (i used a 300mm last time and it wasnt really enough on some occasions, so this time it'll be a 500mm on a cropped sensor, equiv to 750mm).

A medium zoom (i used a 70-200) is very handy for zodiac trips in amongst penguins and 'bergs, beach scenes & landscapes.

I also used wide angle zooms for landscapes, shots on board etc.

A tripod is handy but mine was too heavy so i often didnt bother taking it ashore (Im getting a lighter ones for this trip).

Plenty of memory cards of course (think of a number and double it &/or take some way of backing them up). Likewise, a good suppy of batteries; they can struggle in the cold so have some spares to keep in an inside pocket.

Some people recommend lens protectors but unless your planning to take pictures from a zodiac going ashore in choppy waters I wouldnt bother as they just seem to fog up the lens. Zodiac cruises around the bays are usually much calmer.

Bear in mind baggage allowances. The international flights are OK but for the domestic Ushuaia-Buenos Aires flight its much lower. I've always got away with it but some people have had to pay excess charges. You can check all the details on the airlines web pages.

hi paul, thanks for the advice. Im just concious about taking too much gear, i think im going to struggle anyway with what i had planned to take, but that was pretty much what i was thinking. The trouble is trying to fit it all into hand luggage  and size restrictions, not to mention the weight of a sackfull of lenses. i dont really want to have to check in a hardcase and add still further weight. being a bit of a gear nut it soon gets out of hand. 

I'm very much an amature photographer.  I do have a full frame camera thou.  I'm taking a 70-200mm lens, 2x extender and a bridge camera.  I do have a 24-105mm & & 16-35.  Would you recommend me taking one of these Paul?

Is anyone going to Paul & Chris's "A Wild Night Out' on 14 Nov in Kensignton Town Hall?


Dora - If you can fit it in, I'd recommend taking the 16-35 wideangle for landscapes and icebergs. That, plus the x2 extender, then covers you all the way from 16-400mm :)

I will.  

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