AVV Discover the Baltics 29th April

Anyone doing this trip AVV Discover the Baltics 29th April?

Will be flying out of Birmingham


Hi Andy
Yes, I am also on this tour, and also flying from Birmingham


can't wait - paid for , thinking about Euros and getting to the airport.
Counting the days now < 50 working days left


Parking is already booked, I am heading from Nottingham area, so easiest option for me.

Getting a cab Airport Tranfer with the local reliable firm from Wolverhampton - airport Hotels seem more expensive than Heathrow

Well balance paid now, beginning to look at what and where to visit whilst there.

Joining you via Manchester see you there

Hi Sharon
Good to know that there are more going, look forward to meeting you along the way. Only about 6 weeks to go.

Expect there to be about 12 of us.

Pre Holiday man flu's out of the way.
Little stash of Euros bought.
Also been looking at extras to do in Riga and Vilnius spare time as well as 'eatery' ideas

Frankly I Just can't wait - only 24 working days left for me.


Just downloaded Lonely Planet Guide, guess going to be an on route airport read though as no time before, working to pay for the trip. I have been recommended taking a trip to a ballet or opera while there. Sharon

Approx 4 weeks to go. Have rec'd final boarding details, and reading up on the tour books, slow progress though. Getting one or two ideas though.

Hi All, looks like we have a good number for this tour. Is there anyone else on the group flight from Heathrow?

Nice to hear from another person on this tour, 3 weeks to go and beginning to count down.

Hi Sharon, I'm using the Manchester Ryanair flight. Organised a taxi transfer cos of late arrival. Happy for you to share. Looking forward to meeting every one. Jackie

Hi Jackie
I am getting Lufthansa flight via Frankfurt so will be joining up with rest of group on route, I do have a four hour layover though as next flight would have only left 90 mins to transfer (bit tight), see you in Tallin. Sharon

Thanks for response Sharon. Safe trip..don't think I will be there in time for evening get together but will endeavour to seek out the bar just in case there is anyone around.

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