Everest Base Camp Trek 11th - 27th Oct

Is anyone going on Everest Base Camp (TNT) trek 11th October?


Hey there I'm leaving on the 7th October

Also leaving on the 7th

Leaving on the 7th here as well.

Sorry, my bad. Wrong trip. 7th Oct for Tibet here.

hi Phil my wife Gill and I are going on this trek too how is your traiNing going ?

Hi Steve and Gill

Nearly upon us.  Managing to get to Snowdonia and the Lakes most weekends in training and the occassional visit to the Gym (I mean occassional!)  Really looking forward to it, it will be my fourth time to Nepal.

How's your training going?

I'm assuming the others on this post are doing different dates - otherwise apologies for not responding.

Regards, Phil

Hi Phil it will be our first visit to Nepal training not going as well as it should other things seem to get in the way but getting out most weekends and doing 5-10 miles with as much uphill as we can find locally off to Snowdon in September to see how we get on with a long continuous uphill if that doesn't go well will need to seriously ramp things up 

Been hitting gym - not much in the way of hills in Camridgeshire- lot of treadmill on max incline with weights and the dogs  now run and hide when I get the leads out- looking forward to it though


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