Fellow travellers

Hi, I'm on the trip starting in Kathmandu on Tuesday 17/3. I'm having a few days in KTM beforehand to get some of the "things to do" done. Would love to hear from any fellow travellers, there are 13 total so far.

How much cash is everyone taking? UK banks have been known to cancel cards when used in Nepal- even when notified beforehand.

ATB, Danie.

Which trip is it? I am on Annapurna in Luxury from 17th March so if it's that one then hi! :-)

I am beside myself with excitement, first Exodus trip, or any trip like this.

I struggled on the cash, I've ended up with £300. I estimated the £25 a day for the four days they mention for days when food isn't all built in (which seems high would rather have too much), then some money for maybe a KTM guided tour, extra drinks, some souvenirs and then a little extra.

Random daft questions I have for others are can I assume we just pack the kitbag (which arrived today, yay!) in our holdall so we can transfer stuff to it for trek?

More embarrassing one - what do people think the best type of clothes to sleep in are?! Can't get a handle on how cold it will be or not!


Hi Jane. I'm taking thermals to use as pyjamas along with using one of my t-shirts if I'm cold. I'm trying to pack light and do washing and dry overnight. I'm trying to have minimium stuff to carry to the airport!! Cash amount sounds good-I agree best to have too much! See you next week :)

Hi Jane and Danie

I will be on your trip also.Its getting close now and I too am excited.
It seems that the weather will vary a lot between the different parts of this trip.Katmandu seems reasonably warm at present but the mountains cooler especially early in the day and late at night.I guess dressing in layers is best option with a fleece for colder times.
My husband Brendan is also travelling.We are leaving from Dublin so will not be on same flight.
See you soon

Hi Paula and Brendan,

Yes I have been checking the weather lots leading up to the trip! I'm on a different long haul flight but pick the group one up in Delhi.

Can't believe its only a few days, looking forward to meeting everyone.

See you on Tuesday! :-)

Hi, I'm coming too! I'll be coming from Qatar so I'll meet people at the hotel. see you soon.


Got here. Weather dull. Shangri-La Hotel is nice, Chandra, our guide seems really competent. Kathmandu dusty & polluted. smog+++. Good Irish bar/restaurant nearby, doing green beer on St Paddy's day (Wednesday). Hope some of you might join us to drown the shamrock before our departure trekking on Thursday.

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