Inca Trail leaving the UK 30th August

Hello fellow travellers! 

I thought it might be a good idea to get a post going for those that would like to communicate before the trip comes around. I'm sure everyone is excited for it!

I've been booked onto this trip since my birthday back in August (it's the day before we leave actually but don't worry about a present haha), and I've been in touch with Exodus a couple of times to see if it was filling up a bit as I was the only one on it for months. 

From my last conversation with them last week, there are now 14 of us booked on this trip, with a good mix of couples/pairs and single travellers (I am one of these), ages ranged between our 20's and 60's, and males/females - 6 and 8 respectively.  It would be good to hear from any or all of you!

The majority are from the UK, and most are on the group Avianca flights via Bogata. I was actually wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up in Heathrow before the flights so we could perhaps navigate the connecting flights together, or even just to say hi?

As i say, it would be nice to hear from any of you so please feel free to come and say hello.  


Hi, I’m one of the 14 on this trip. Travelling alone but not single. The old man doesn’t like flying so stays home to look after the dog. I say old as I am 60 next Birthday. Hoping to survive ‘dead woman’s pass’!

Hope to meet up with anyone else on this trip at Heathrow


ps. Poppy’s the dog

Hi Lyn, good to hear from you. Not long to go now! I’m sure most of us feel the same way regarding Dead Woman’s Pass lol. We’ll all be fine I’m sure. Everyone is most welcome to meet up at Heathrow. I‘ve had a quick look and there’s a pub called The London’s Pride in Terminal 2 which seems like our best bet.


Hey Lyn, I just noticed which post you replied to here. I have two going on just to keep things confusing lol!

There's a couple of other people who have commented on the other one (it's entitled "Hiking the Inca Trail"), who are also meeting up at Heathrow. If you can find the post (i tried to bump it up the list for you but not sure it worked) come say hi over there too. 


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