Inca trail Titicaca & Nazca

This is my first hiking trip. After any advise really. Inparticular what kind of clothing should I take for the rest of the trip? I have an understanding of what I need for the trail. Also can I have some idea of amount of money to take. Daily spending on food and drinks. What is the best way to take money to Peru? Is it straight forward to hire sleeping bags on the trail? Finally can anybody tell me what the weight of my luggage can be in the flight out?
Sorry allot of questions.

Am booked as a solo on the above trip arriving Lima on 17/6/17....anyone on the same trip

I am booked on this trip as a solo like Rich. This is my first trip on my own since I was a teenager many years ago. I have also booked the trip into the rain forest anyone doing that as well?

We are a couple in our sixties who are booked on the 17 June tour. We have done a fair bit of walking but not at this altitude. Greatly looking forward to this adventure. I understand there 12 people booked on this trip 6 males and 6 females. Sounds perfect!

I posted a reply to someone about temperatures in the PERU - Inca Trail/Amazon discussion, that may be helpful to you. Lake Titicaca is great, high as well so my clothing advice for that region remains the same. Re: money, for the very first time last year I used a pre-paid currency card from Travelex and apart from some initial currency that I took to tide me over (dollars and some Sols) I took cash from ATM machines, and also used the card as a debit/credit card in restaurants etc. There was no problem EXCEPT, for some reason that I still can't understand, I had to traipse around Lima on day 1 before finding a machine that would actually dispense cash to me. I was a bit worried that the card wasn't going to work at all but for whatever reason (network problems?) that was the only time I can remember having an issue with the card (not great, on day 1!). I had a UK card as a back-up, so it wouldn't have been a disaster, but it was a little annoying. However, I'm going to use the Travelex card in Indonesia this year (I hope!) but will obviously carry a back-up again.

Bit long-winded but hopefully helpful. Have a great trip, I think you'll love it.

Sorry Vikki - I give up. I've now typed my reply re:weather and clothing in the other discussion group twice and on both occasions it has simply disappeared. I'm not doing it again. If Exodus web people locate it they may post it but I'm a new user and this all seems a little too flakey.

Thank you for all the advise Serelegy. I have not been able to log on to this site for a while. So sorry. Great to hear from you all on my trip. Looking forward to meeting you all.
I am also traveling solo. Roger unfortunately I am not doing the Amazon extension. Looks amazing.

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