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Nile Cruise

Hello. Just wondering if there is anyone going on this trip reading this?

yes, we are going Feb. 9 trip- 4 more weeks to go!

I'm going on 23rd February.  Happy to hear from anyone going from Gloucestershire if they want to share a ride to Heathrow.

I'm going on 23 February. I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex and will be driving to Heathrow if anybody needs a lift.



I am going on this trip in March . Having problems with visa application form on line. Has anyone else experienced difficulties. I believe it is possible to get visa at Cairo airport. Wendy

Yes, I have had difficulties on line too.  Using the .gov site, I got as far as uploading my passport but it would not accept it, as too big a f inile.  I understand it is easy enough to get one at Cairo airport, but just trying to establish if one can pay in sterling as well as US dollars.  Does anyone know for sure?

.. sorry, typo - should read 'too big a file' !

Hi re photo I downloaded picture from camera and i pad - both too big so took one on my phone and e mailed it to myself. That was accepted. But wouldn't let me go any further as saying more than 1 application on the form? A friend went to Egypt last year and got visa at Hurgada airport at bank before security and paid in dollars with no problem but don't know if they would accept sterling. I think perhaps not. I have abandoned the application for 7 days so it drops off the system and will try again. If this don't work will buy at airport. Would be very grateful for any feedback from anyone who goes in February. Hope you enjoy the trip.

Hello,  I am on the trip for Feb 16...anyone else on this trip?  I did my visa online and oh what a PITA it was.  It would not take my address..it only wanted my state.  It would not take the download of my passport..photo too big.  I had to send the photo in a generic email and you will be prompted to change the size of the photo and then save the photo that way.  Then it would not accept the photo because the name of the photo/jpeg had a special character...I had to find out how to rename the photo...two hours later on my iphone I went to the name of the photo and hovered over the name and a black bar comes up with a few options..one being rename.  It would not take Visa had to use my Mastercard.  Be sure all info is correct..mine was sent back because I did not include my middle name.  But I finally got everything complete and received my visa.

Hi I am going on this trip.  I wonder if any people going on it would like to meet up in Heathrow, prior to departure. It might make things easier to  already know each other when we get to Cairo Ted

Yes, I agree meeting at Heathrow is a great idea to chat before arriving in Cairo.  Not sure the best way to arrange this? Any ideas? Robin


Would be good to meet at Heathrow. Look forward ot hearing any ideas on how. I'm not familiar with the airport at all but perhaps someone knows the name of a bar or cafe?

If it is Terminal 2, I read the Perfectionists’ Cafe was very good.  But I’m not familiar with Heathrow either?? We could also pin a yellow ribbon on to indicate Exodus??  Just a couple thoughts...

Hi Sally and Robin,  Thanks for  your comments. I've googled Heathrow Terminal 2. I didn't see the Perfectionist cafe, but I see there is a Costa Coffee before security, and a Caffee Nero after security. Either would be good to meet in, what time, (and which) would you prefer. I also think the idea of a yellow ribbon is a great one. I don't think I have a yellow ribbon, but I'm sure I'll think of something during the week. Even if we didn't meet in a cafe we might identify each other in the departure lounge. Regards, Ted

hi Ted and Sally,  Let’s just say any color ribbon pinned to your shirt.   Caffee Nero sounds fine to me.  The flight leaves at 10:30pm..how about 8 or 8:30ish to meet?  Robin

Hi Sally.. I just jumped in..I thought it would be better to clear security before we meet.  As far as a time mine was just a suggestion??  What were you thinking? Robin


I did think I'd replied to this but it seems the comment didn't go. Cafe Nero sounds good (certainly get the dreaded security stuff out the way first). I'll aim for 8.30ish.

Look forward to meeting you both then.


Sounds great Sally.  Look forward to meeting everyone!

Hi Sally and Robin,  thans for comments, sorry for slight delay replyin.  Cafe Nero sounds a good bet and 8.30 or after sounds ideal. I plan to be there by then, but I hope my connections work well.  I have a fairly big rubber band I got with physiotherapy for a broken wrist, and will porbably take that. If I think of anything else i'll let you.  Look forward to seeing you both on Saturday. Ted

Hi. Can’t find cafe Nero.. I’m settled in the lounge next to the Jo Malone central display. if don’t see you before maybe in departure lounge 

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