Trails of Vietnam

Hi there, I'm about to book onto the Trails of Vietnam trip departing 29/7. Never been to Asia and very excited! Anyone else joining?

Helen x

Hi Helen
I am also booked on this tour departing on 29/07. My first trip to Vietnam, though I did travel to Thailand 3years ago.
Where are you departing from? I'm leaving from Heathrow.

Sue x

Hi Sue,
Great to hear from you. I've never been either and getting very excited. It will be my first trip to this part of the world. My friend and I are travelling out of Manchester, via Singapore, landing just before lunchtime on 30/7.

Helen x

Hi Helen
Eight weeks to go!
I am travelling alone and arrive in Hanoi at 8 am, all being well.
Have you applied for a visa, or are you waiting to see if they hopefully extend the exemption ? I think I'm going to hold out a little longer, in light of the email exodus have just sent.

Have you travelled with exodus before?

Sue x

Hello! My partner Errol and I are also on the trip. We are new to Vietnam and I am a wee bit worried about the cycling :-) Really looking forward to it!

Hi Sue (& Jackie!)

I have sent off for a visa last week. My friend (Claire) and I have extended the trip by 24 hours so we have another day in Ho Chi Minh before flying back (it actually worked out cheaper with the flight supplements and accommodation!) so we are right on the 15 day limit. For peace of mind, just in case there are issues with return flights I decided to get the visa (£52). Not sure what Claire has decided to do yet.

I haven't travelled with Exodus before. I did a solo trip last year to Canada but with a different company.

I'm currently in the process of all the injections so had 1 very sleepy weekend. Round 2 on Thursday before the rest at the end of the month.

Jackie, don't worry, i'm sure it will be fine. Navigating the busy roads will be somewhat scary i reckon!

My surname is Whatmough if anyone wishes to connect via facebook etc before we travel


Just over 4 weeks to go!

It's crept up on me, so disorganised, haven't even applied for my visa yet..

Helen, what vaccinations have you opted for? I think I am up to date on most, have a typhoid boost booked for next week, not sure what to do about hep B?

Anybody have any pearls of wisdom to share, before we think about packing etc.

Hi Sue
I've been vaccinated for everything, Hep A, B, Rabies, typhoid, diptheria, japenese encephilitis, plus the malarials! Tetanus was the only one still valid.

2 weeks today and we are on our way!

Hi, we've had all the jabs but aren't taking malaria- the trip notes said essential but latest travel advice according to our docs is that it's low risk?! Does anyone have any thoughts? Keep meaning to do more cycling... Looking forward to meeting you all! Jackie

Hi Jackie, my advice from STA travel clinic was the opposite because of the trekking element and being remote at times. I didn't pay for them through there, got them cheaper elsewhere. For the £30 it costs, i've taken them, just got them from Boots pharmacy. Just need to remember to start taking them 48 hours before we leave!

Hi Jackie and Helen
I have researched a little on malaria and even taking into account where we are trekking, its in low to no risk area, also looked at the trip advisor forums? I have decided not to take medication but am taking deet spray.

When and what time are you arriving in Hanoi, I get in on Saturday at 08.15. Still not sure what I'm packing, going to try and travel light!!

Still can't quite believe I'm going so soon.

Look forward to meeting you too. Sue

Hi. Claire and I are due to land around 11.40 on Saturday flying from Manchester. After paying for regional flights i'm now working in London Wednesday and Thursday although I'm not sure what use I am. Brain has switched off and final countdown is on!

Looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday. Safe travels x

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