Wildlife Holidays for Solo Travel

With Exodus, you can travel to some of the world’s most beautiful locations in search of rare, exotic and unusual wildlife.

Everyone is welcome on our trips, but whilst all of our trips fully cater for solo travellers, we also understand that sometimes there is a chance of being the only individual adventurer in a group. However, we feel traveling alone is exciting and liberating and we fully encourage it! To reflect this, we’ve crafted several solo wildlife holidays around this very idea.

Although we don’t prevent couples and larger groups from booking on these trips, the emphasis is very much on building a group of dynamic, unique adventurers with whom to enjoy the experience of wildlife watching. We fully expect the majority of people on these solo holidays to be travelling individually, so you can enjoy the sights of nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures without the risk of being the only solo traveller.

Would you consider going on a holiday on your own? View our trips below that offer recommended solo departures – keep an eye out for the marked Solo Departure in the Dates & Prices section of the trip page.

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