Solo Departures - Winter Activities

Our winter holidays are well-suited for solo travellers – individual adventurers make up almost half of our groups. However, some of our winter holidays are specifically designed for solo travellers!

Our solo winter holidays are intended to negate the concern that you may be the only solo traveller in your group. We won’t prevent friends or couples from travelling on these adventures, though we do expect the considerable majority of the group to be comprised of individuals.

If you’re interested in exclusively solo travel, look for the Solo departure note in the Dates and Prices section of the respective holiday pages.

Would you consider going on a holiday on your own? View our trips below that offer recommended solo departures – keep an eye out for the marked Solo Departure in the Dates & Prices section of the trip page. More trips will be available after the launch of our 2016/17 Winter brochure, please check back soon. 

Looking for a different activity? Click here to view all Solo departures.

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