Toucan resting on a branch, Brazil, South America

Central America

Between the sea and the ocean lies a landscape shaped by powerful volcanoes and friendly faces

Adventure Holidays in Central America

Verdant rainforests, jungle canopies, Mayan ruins and cyan seas, make trips to Central America trips like no other. Lucky then that Exodus offers a range of Central American holidays designed to thrill and chill.

Explore the beaches of Antigua and Bermuda; uncover Mexico’s lost temples and infectious enthusiasm for life; marvel at Costa Rica’s gloriously diverse ecosystem; visit the Mayan heartland of Guatemala and Honduras. 

Wherever your adventure takes you, in Central America you’ll uncover a rich mix of culture that dates back 4000 years, encompassing mysterious Mayan heritage, Caribbean vibes, African drum beats, and colourful fiestas routed in Spanish tradition.

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Central America Adventure Holidays

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Wild Costa Rica

Remote landscapes that show off Costa Rica's wild side

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

12 days Excl. Flights
From £2,799
Activity Rating - Leisurely/Moderate

La Ruta Maya

Explore ruins, rainforest, villages and beaches in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

15 days Excl. Flights
From £2,599
Activity Level: Leisurely
4.3 / 5

Active Costa Rica

Discover the rainforest, volcanoes and coastline of captivating Costa Rica

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

9 days Excl. Flights
From £1,499
Activity Rating - Moderate
4.4 / 5

Top Central America destinations

1. Costa Rica: this gloriously diverse ecosystem accounts for 50% of the world’s animal and plant species and on a trip with Exodus you can explore the full spectrum on a range of activities. Zip-line through the mist-shrouded canopies of the cloud forest, where howler monkey’s roars resonate through the hills; or glide through the tranquil canals of Totuguero National Park; bathe in natural hot springs while marvelling at Arenal Volcano. 

2. Cuba: it’s a heady cocktail of vintage cars and cigars, faded colonial mansions and steamy cellar bars, soundtracked to the beat of salsa wafting through city streets. There’s a raw and colourful beauty to Cuba that’s impossible not to love. And with little traffic, it’s perfect to explore by bike. Stay in Casas Particulares, and explore the lives of the people. No one but Exodus will get you this close to the action.

3. Mexico: a fantastic country of contrasts: tropical jungles, palm-fringed beaches, Indian markets, colonial towns and the majestic ruins of the Aztecs and Mayans. Take time to explore the Yucatan peninsula, where you’ll find the extraordinary ruins of Chichen Itza, Palenque and Tulum. 

Where Adventure Begins

Exodus began life in 1974, when two friends got together to provide an overland truck to the Minaret of Jam, the most inaccessible of the world’s great monuments. It was the hippy-trail heyday and the journey from Calais to Kathmandu departed from London in Autumn, returning in Spring. Soon we were also travelling to South Africa, and taking hardy adventurers to the Amazon Basin as well.

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