Special photographic trip to Antarctica 25th Nov


Wondering if there are any other travellers out there going on this special photographic trip on the Vavilov this November?  Would be great to have a virtual meet and chat before we go, and swap tips about what to take, especially around planning to take some stunning photos!

Look forward to hearing from those internet-savvy travellers!





Oh, yes, counting down now. Very excited. However, I am a lasy minute rusher. Please, any ideas what I need, what I don't. I am fly to BA at Sunday for extra days there. Anyone with me?



Yes  - only 10 days to go - Tickets arrived now! Going from Gatwick as only 10 mins from home.  Looking forward to getting some stunning photos to show everyone.  Bought some thin fingerless gloves with a mitt overbit to wear for photography.  Going to do a trial hand luggage pack this weekend - hope all the camera gear goes in and comfortable to carry around Ushuaia.



Tickets have arrived, but not the usual interesting list of fellow travellers, so I'm entering this forum which is a new experience (and that's before the holiday has even started).

The spare room bed is now disappearing under a pile of jerseys, thermals, leggings, wooly socks etc plus of course extra memory cards!  But I'm not sure whether to take my walking boots -I'm told wellies are provided on the Vavilov now, but will we also need sturdy walking gear?  Any advice, please?



Hi Felicity

It sounds as though you are at the same stage as me with the packing.  Wellies are provided - you find your size and then label them up and put them somewhere in the mud room so you know where they are when needed - all very organised.  If landings are anything like Spitsbergen then its too difficult to take walking boots ashore and changing - all walking was done there in wellies (you need them to get off the zodiacs).  I took walking boots but didn't wear them but a sturdy pair of trainers with a good grip are wise for on deck anyway - you won't need much else in the way of shoes all trip.   Gill


I was told a pair of flipflop are more useful than walking boots.

Are you guys worried about  seasickness?

As said Wellies are provided. I'm also wearing my walking boots out on the flight and I will be putting them in my daysack for the times when we land in the zodiac and walk around. Falklands, South Georgia and other places ... sorry but the only time I have thought wellies were good for walking in was when I was in the Amazon and some festivals after the heavens have opened! Also a friend who has been on this trip, Spitzbergen and Snow Hill has always taken walking boots. I will also be taking a bulldog clip with silly keyring attached as my way of 'labelling' my boots ... 100 pairs of wellies all looking the same, with similar labels ... think about it!

Is anyone else heading out on the Nov 25 21:10 BA flight from Heathrow? 

I have been reading the comments.   The Exodus staff who have been out there tell me that they found the wellies system absolutely fine and that they are all you need for going ashore.    They suggested not taking walking boots - one of them did and didn't use them once.   I am wearing my walking/rambling shoes - which are comfortable and sturdy - sort of like robust trainers - plus backing my walking sandals.   Both have very good grip for the getting round the ship.    My photography back pack seems to fit the dimensions for hand luggage - so fingers crossed there.      I have made a list (of course!) of things to take and have been adding to it!   However I will I am sure (a) forget something (b) take lots of things I don't need (c) take more clothes than I need.    Look forward to meeting everyone.      Janice.

My GP recommended (a) Stugeron (b) Sea bands.   He said they worked for him.    A mate who is a deep sea diver uses sturgeron and says he has never been sea sick whilst using them.      Gill - I too am travelling from Gatwick.    I guess most people are unless they have decided to go by BA - which I understand goes direct rather than via Madrid.



Just read the comments.  We are all packed to go, just watching the hours go by.


Hope to meet some of you at Gatwick tomorrow.


Colin and Ann



Well I'm checked in and boarding passes have been printed. All I need to do now is go to work tomorrow and then head off to Kings Cross at 5 pm to meet my friend, jump on the Picadilly line to Terminal 5, drop the bags off at fast bag drop, head through security, pass through duty free and make ourselves comfortable in the Wetherspoons there 8-)

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