Would like to hear from fellow travellers


My wife and myself are booked up on this trip. We are very excited about it and a little nervous to be honest. It will be the biggest challenge we have ever undertaken.

It would be great to get to know any fellow travellers in advance of the trip.

And maybe we can all help each other out with tips and advice.

Hope to hear fron you soon :o)



I've just booked a spot on this tour, though am waiting on the formal confirmation bit of course. Looks like there are only 3 spots left so missing quite a few from this thread.

I'm somewhat nervous about this too, it's properly stepping up a gear from anything I've done before!



Hi Rob , We have been busy buying  our equiptment over the last few months.

It's amazing how much you need to take and how it all fits into your travel bags. (scratches head).

If you have any tips for us please let us know , and vice versa.



Hi Craig,

What sort of stuff have you been buying? I've not really gone into any great detail yet I must admin. I have some of the essential stuff already - boots, goretex jacket, trekking pole but none of the stuff for the cold. Need to get a sleeping bag and some thermal stuff at the very least I think, probably a duvet jacket too, whatever that is. This trip seems a bit of an odd one to pack for as I believe we'll be starting in a shorts and tshirt climate and ending up in sub zero!

Not sure that I really have any tips, everything I've seen says that general fitness and determiniation are the best attributes to have. The best way of preparing seems to be to walk a lot. I live reasonably near Snowdon and the Peak District so will be doing some walking up and down hills at the weekends - first one is this Saturday.



Hello Rob

We have a kit list to send you if you would like it? We got a 3 season sleeping bag as the 4 season ones are pricey. Then we got a thermal sleeping bag liner that boosts the season rating up to a 4.

Also our best buys are our baselayers. They are made of merino wool , which sounds itchy but it isn't. It is very soft and comfy. Look for the North Face Icebreaker brand . You can wear them to bed as longjohns in the cold nights and during the summit push.

For sleeping mats we have thermorest lite mats. 

We have chosen not to get Duvet jackets . We are just using layers. eg-  baselayer , long sleeve top, polartec 300 fleece, and then our jackets which are montane superflys . I tried it all on and i looked like the mitchelin tyre man . (but nice and warm)

 A Good first aid kit that comes with syringe and needles just in case you need an injection up there.

And plenty of stuff for your feet , especially blitser plasters and strapping tape.

The list is endless.

Just send me your email addy and we will send you our list- [email protected]

bye for now








Email sent!


Sent you kit list over the weekend Rob , We hope it is of use to you . :o)




hi my names andrea am walking kili with my pal donna and we are both a bit nervous! if anyone has any tips then please send them on to us,ie kit list,size of bags to be taken? does anyone know about altitude testing? n wer it is?


Hi Andrea and Donna

I see that your trip is a few weeks before ours. we leave on the 22nd feb.

You will probably be back by the time we leave . perhaps you can let us know how you got on when you get back.

Kit lists can be found anywhere online . Print a few out and compare them.

We are just about finished getting our kit sorted . We just need to sort out snacks to take.

Have you had your jabs yet? We had ours about two weeks ago. The yellow fever jab gave us flu like symptoms for a day or two but the rest were ok.

We also need to see our doctor about malaria tablets soon too.


bye for now

craig and kim.


hi craig n kim,   i travelled botswana n namibia last year so i have my jabs up to date, have just got to have tetanus updates,,,lucky me! can not decide what jackets to take with me,,,decisions! am trying to do mountain walks 4-5 times a week for 2 hours eachtime but work gets in way! love the outdoors though! hope you have a great time, i will let you know how we get on!! x


hi there, i will be going on this trip as well and looking forward to it!

Craig can you email me your list? The only thing i'm having a hard time deciding on is what type of jackets to get.



Hi Hawkins.

Our kit list we had was lost on our computer that kinda blew up last month.we lost loads of stuff.

We have been getting bits and pieces over the year to spread the cost of gear. it's damn expensive!

We did send the kit list to  Robert Marples who has posted on this thread so maybe he still has a copy. But you can download many other kit lists on the web. Just mix and match them.

Deciding on jackets has been our biggest problem too.

We were originally only going to take just our normal waterproof jackets (montane superfly).

And thought that would be ok as long as we wore lots of layers underneath . But we have recently bought down jackets as we think they will keep us warmer on summit night. They look bulky but they pack down really small to store in your daysack. So we are taking both just in case we get rain.

Which trip are you on? is it the one leaving on 22nd or the trip Andreas on?

hope this helps.




ive just bought a berghaus down jacket from cotswold it was 80quid so i think for that much money,,,warmth means a lot to me!,,,,have been advised by a few people who,ve done kili to get down jackets! hope this helps!! bring on feb 7 cant wait!


That helps, thanks!

 I am on the same trip as you and your wife I believe, beginning Feb 22nd.


Glad you got the berghaus jacket Andrea , you can,t go wrong for 80 quid .

What is your first name Hawkins and where do you live?

We live in Cwmbran, South Wales.



Hawkins, I would dearly like you to turn out to be Justin Hawkins the lead singer of The Darkness, sadly I suspect you're not.....


Diamox is what a lot of people take while at altitude so I have read and been told.

It is prescription only , so have a chat with your doctor about it. here is a link with good info on it.


A friend of mine climbed Kilimanjaro as part of a large group last september and everyone bar one took diamox . And that one failed to summit.

So I thought i'd look into it. Just hope the doctor lets us have it. It's not expensive either.

Diamox, diamox, diamox, if only i could have had it on my 1st attempt at Kili, didnt actually know about it. Before our 2nd attempt our doctor would not under any circumstance issue any as in the " book " was not prescribed for this reason ? Anyway as it happened the guides had it on them and were only too happy to give us 1/2 pill twice daily. and we summited no probs. So if you do have probs getting it on prescription dont worry you will get some there ( free as well ) Wishing you all the best for your trek (its top) Were off to E B Camp on jan 7 .


Andrea , Ignore my previous advice.

Your trip is on the Kili and Safari dates section.

It just doesn't show all the trips. Go to the bottom of the page and click on show all departures .

hope this helps.


Thanks for the info! Great to hear you all made it to the top!

What would you recommend for pants/layering with what? 


Hi Jane, great advice thankyou. How did you and your fellow trekkers get on with cameras high up on the mountain? We have a digital camera so we plan to take lots of spare batteries.

Also can I ask you about Tipping. It is the one thing that I am not sure about. Different web sites give so much varying info on the subject. Just so we can allow for it in money we take.



Batteries: Batteries weren't really a problem if you looked after them, ie. avoid exposing them to the cold. I had my camera, 2 spare sets of 4 batteries (probably only need 1 spare set in hindsight), ipod, phone (only put on later in the week, reception near and at top of Kili), all in sleeping bag with me at night! I gave them all a final charge at the hotel the night before and then was careful but not overly so, but don't think anyone in the group ran out of battery power for anything.

Tipping: I assume you mean for the porters. Don't worry too much about this, they (African Walking Co) try to keep it all very fair. At the beginning of the trip the group will be given a sheet which gives a guide/breakdown of the level of tips for the support staff.....from general porters to toilet porter thru to chef, assistant guide and lead guide. Its all very mathematical.....as a group you work out the total in tipping so, for example (am just making up these figures) if it was $10 per general porter and there were 10 then that would be $100, $40 for the chef, $50 per assistant guide and there are 3, and $60 for the lead guide, that totals $350. If there are 5 clients in the group then that would be $70 each. Ours was all done on the last evening, information on the sheet tells you the process! But, just for info, we had 9 walkers, 1 lead guide, 4 assistant guides, a chef, a porter that did everything (!), a toilet porter, and all the rest general.....for 9 walkers we had a support crew of 37 I think it was!! If I remember rightly it was $85 each. Then some people gave one off extras that final night for things that some porters did over & above, there were about half a dozen extra tips of about $5 each that individuals did seperately. Hope that helps!



Thanks for the input Jane - much appreciated.

Have to say I'm still not sure what I'm going to wear, what sort of sleeping bag to use and so on. Must remember to put the batteries in my sleeping bag.


Thanks Jane , that has cleared a few things up for us.

Rob, Get a 4 season sleeping bag . Cotswold outdoors do a good selection. The one I would go for is the Marmot Wave IV at £90.  4 season bags are pricey but they are a must have. Also don't forget to buy a sleeping bag liner.

As for clothes , go for lots of thin layers. You already have your merino thermal layer, so add to that a good base layer and then a micro fleece and a heavy fleece too. Also maybe a windstopper .

If you need advice on particular makes of stuff let us know ok.


im stummped! went to see my doc yesterday who has informed me he is not qualified to perscribe me with it ,,,does anyone know if it is possible to buy it over there? also when i travelled botswana last year we bought malaria tablets out there? is this possible for us?,,,,,,,,,PS is everyone else panicking like me!


Hi Becky thankyou for the good advice. There is so much to think about with regards to kit and vacinations and visas etc...  . We have an appointment with our doctor next week to ask for malaria meds and altitude meds. Hopefully all will go well. Did you take gaiters ? We wasn't going to take any as we don't wear them on our day to day walks. But we are going to give them a try over the new year and see how we get on.



just wondering who else is up for this date! anyone as silly as us that is? am realy looking forward but quite nervous also, would love to speak to anyone doing the trip the same time as us! kilimanjaro here we come! yeah!


I was just wondering what type of bag we need to bring for the porters to carry any extra items of ours in? Thanks, getting very excited too! 


Hi Michelle

Thanks for posting that great advice, much appreiated . We just bought our currency today, Probably got too much for the trip but at least we can bring it home and change it back if not used.

Did you get any tanzanian shillings when you got out there? (from airport?)What currency do the local shops or markets take? (For gift buying on last day).

Also how was the toilet situation? if you don't mind me asking :o) .

Hi Lauren,

Deciding what size bag to take has been tricky for us. I did get a north face holdall 90l but couldn't get all my gear in it. So I have now got a gelert 120l. (it's huge) , and kims got the north face 90l. Between the two we can get it all in. The gelert bag is big but light , and it also can be carried like a rucksack.So the porters can carry it easily. Check out the gelert 120l online. good prices too.

I read the Exodus kit bag is only 63l . which I think would be too small for us. But will take it.



Thanks Michelle, I think now we will be taking the 120 litre just to get our stuff over there, and then we can transfer the trip stuff into a smaller bag and leave the 120l in the hotel. Yes it is 15kg max for the porters. I think our bags will weigh approx 13kg.

I'm always thinking of more questions so stand by :o)


Good luck on your trek ! .I hope when you return you pop in and tell us how it went.

Everyone got there kitbags and final instructions? Have started packing already even though it will all be coming back out for a wash .

Just to say 'hi' and to introduce ourselves - Anne and Brian.  Looking foward to the trip and meeting you, your wife and the other members of the group.  All the practicalities taken care of, but must remember to pack stamina, endurance and determination!  See you at the airport.


Thanks for that link to the Telegraph story Craig, that was a good read.


Hi Andrea

Absolutely thrilled for you ! Glad you made it. We are packed and ready for the flight tommorow.

Getting very excited and looking forward to the whole experience. Thanks for the tips.

Will post again when we return on 3rd march

well done!


Hello Rob

That forecast is brill. gonna be a nice change from what we have had this winter

cya there


Haha, anyone else struggling to get everything into the Exodus kit bag? :S

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