Kili climb February 19


I just booked this trip and would love to hear from anyone else on it. It would be good to swap tips etc. I am really looking fwd to this mental and physical challenge. I've got a good number of mountains under my belt, but none at altitude. I hiked to the first camp on Kili a few weeks ago on the Marangu route and that really wet my appetite!

Look forward to hearing from you!



Booked the trip to Kilimanjaro and departing on 19th February taking Rongai route...   This is my first time and have never done any thing like before, reading from your commend you have been few places girl and that shows you are a lot more experienced then I’m.  Also I am from East Coast from Suffolk I wandered where you are from...  I am hoping next January do the trekking in Snowdon in Wales to get used to things but I am not sure when that is going to happen...    I am not sure whether I am looking forward to this but I am excited and as well as nervous about it and this will be my biggest challenge so far and I really do not want to screw this up, if you have any tips please share... 


Hello, I did the Rongai route last February and it was brilliant.  Forget all the horror stories and go with an open mind.  Hints and tips, well.  Tents are a little on the well used side and when you reach camp it is a case of first come first served.  I am sure they find it funny to actually place the tents on a slope so that your feet are sloping downwards and you find yourself in a heap at the bottom in the morning.  Bowl of washing water is about an inch,  tea is good if you like it black, coffee is powder and milk is powder, there is also a drink called Milo (powder) which was used up very quickly, actually the black tea is very refreshing, we thought they actually added some kind of picker upper into it cos it was good.  Food is inventive and there are just enough portions for one each of most stuff.  Soup and porridge is lovely.  Take enough money with you for tips (approx $80) at the end of the trip and an extra $20 to spare because on the final ascent you will find that the guides will do their absolute best to get you to the top and back and to slip them a little thankyou is most appreciated.  Make sure you do drink lots of water and if you find yourself short of breath then taking a drink will help regulate it back to normal.  Eat!  I found it harder to eat as we went up and on ascent night I went up with half a rich tea inside me as I just couldn't face food.  The top is beautiful, the snow is so powdery it won't snowball, and it has what looks like millions of tiny diamonds in it.  The walk to the signpost is probably the most tiring bit and this is where the guides jump in and take your bags and encourage you to keep going.  There were lots of people on the final ascent and you will find lots of people queuing for the signpost photos, you will not be the only group there.  Look around and cherish every memory of the top because it is all to soon a distant memory.  It is the longest day of the trip and as soon as you hit base you more or less have an hours kip then have to pack up and head off down the trail to the next camp.  Wear gloves as the sun is quite burning on the hands.  The hotel - if its the Mountain resort is nice (and the beer).  On arrival I got an ok room but the kettle didn't work.  After the climb we all got upgraded upstairs to the lovely rooms with beautiful bathrooms and nice views etc.  The hotel food is ok, but don't try the roasted bananas - they really are awful.  The day you leave for the climb you will be in a vehicle for several hours going over lots of bumps, I was car sick on the way which caused concern on reaching Nale Muru, but I managed to get them to believe it was just car sick and nothing more sinister, they really do look after you if you are unwell.  The time goes by so quickly so make your journal count, take as many pictures as you can but don't miss out on anything.  We saw a colobus monkey and some velvet monkeys but that was all apart from chameleons.  Mawenzi Tarn can be a mix of fog, snow, hail, rain, sun all at the same time, whatever it is doing though it will be cold and wet.  Packed lunches are a bit yuk but on the way you may find some children lurking who are always appreciative of biccies etc.  The packed lunch on the last day had some kind of bahjee in it - these are bloomin gorgeous.  The Rongai is a lovely easy route and every day has a different view, before leaving blighty learn as many songs with mountains, hills and the like mentioned in them, singing is good for the boredom of ascent night.  The ascent night itself goes by surprisingly quickly, you do become brain dead which helps because all you are doing is following the person in front of you (who unfortunately probably has wind).  You get about three minutes at Gilmans to decide if you are going to carry on or give up - don't give up its not that far really and you will probably not be passing that mountain again for a while.  Foodwise, take the mini bars of mars/snickers etc and glucose tabs.  Don't forget the blister plasters and duck tape (just wind a few inches around a pencil - you won't need a roll), walking poles are life savers both up and down hill.  I got blisters on both heels, and ended up with three black toenails.  So make sure your boots are done up properly and have two pairs of socks on.  You will walk funny the day after you return to the hotel, it won't last any longer than the flight home.  There are so many things that keep popping into my head.  The thing is to enjoy yourself and not have expectations higher than a fieldmouse, you do have to tiddle in the bushes, the toilet tent is just a bucket with a wooden seat over it, you will smell a bit funky after the trip and to top it all off I just remembered that the hotel has powercuts just when you don't need them so put your torch close by.  Oh and a pee bottle is really a good idea at night.  Think thats it.  I'm heading up to Everest Base Camp next so beware because these sorts of trips are really addictive.  Hope that the above is a little bit helpful to you.



 I will be on this trip, I have never done anything like this before and im pretty excited. I was ment to be doing this with a friend but he dropped out so im going to be arriving on my lonesome and I wasnt going to cancel because i didnt want to miss this oputunity as ive heard its amazing. Im 21 from Kings Lynn, Norfolk. see you at the airport i guess.




Thanks so much for the info Liz - I'm going on the 29th of Jan.




I was looking to bring my main digital camarea and zoom lens from your experience is that ok in terms of adding to the weight you carry?






I was looking to bring my main digital camarea and zoom lens from your experience is that ok in terms of adding to the weight you carry?




Hi guys, just joined going on this trip on my own to celebrate 50th birthday(girl friends will be waiting in Mombasa)really looking forward to this.Not done anything like this before.would be nice to know how other folks are feeling!!!!!Not long to go now

Kili - 11th Jan 2010 - 3:29pm

Hi Steve. Did Kili back in 2005. I took a SLR size camera in my day sack, with a couple of optional lenses, and carried a small digital in an inside pocket.  That was for the major part of the trek though. Summit night and the descent afterwards, is different, so be ruthless with what you take. I took just a wide angle lens, and the compact digital. Keep the camera kit well wrapped up against the cold.  Also, if you can, take spare batteries and keep them warm, as the cold drains them fast-I wrapped my spares in thermal socks, and carried them next to my skin. Not elegant, but effective. Whatever you decide to take, good luck, because Kili is an amazing experience.


Hi Guys,

Im Adam, I have booked up for the 19th of Feb, I cant wait to get there! Im sure you all feel the same. Im on facebook if anyone wants to say hello on there, Just search for [email protected] 

Cheers, take care!


Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to this and spend few hundred pound on clothes but not much on any thing else,  I am taking my own sleeping bag but I am not sure whether I needed or not please HELP ME HERE.... DO I NEED TO TAKE SLEEPING BAG?????   Also I have been training like a hell and now some people say you dont need to be that fit to go up there.  Worried to sick about alltitue sickness bought some none smelly garlick which I think it helps... 

Any advice on this trip will help me questions are...

Do I need to change Currency here, if yes What that would be?

Do I need to take my own sleeping bag or this is provided?

Visa I am planning to get it over there as it is costly here....

I am taking few clothes with me main ones will be used on the walk but any advice what should I take???

If  I can think of any thing else I will post it here in the mean time I look forward to recieving your commends...


Hello Mate,

For the currency i am just taking American dollars as u cant inport or export the tanzainian currency in or out of the county, but everyone excepts the dollar. Just like out the movies ha!

Also i am taking my own sleeping bag, i have a three season sleeping bag which extreeme comfort level rating is -10C plus a thermal linner which adds an extra ten so should cope with the warmer climate lower down and the colder climate when we hit alittude.

I just got my visa through today, through travcour, it takes a bout a week but costs 70. However i know now im ok to get into country.

Clothes wise i do alot of hiking at home and im just taking t's and shorts for the lower stuff, then for the nights or the colder days, fleeces thermal layers and a prima loft jacket for if it gets really cold! I think it will be ok for when we are moving but when we stop its gonna get chilly!

Altitude!! Keep hydrated, seriously hydrated! I spoke to a guy i know who has summited everist twice, he basicaly told me that if you drink alot of water, even through the night so u cant dehydrate in ur sleep and wake up with a bad head. Dont know how much water they are gonna carry up there though im sure there will be enough.

Anyway i hope this is useful, i think most of it is personal preference but this is what im sticking to



Hi guys,im taking us dollars

            also i decided to hire sleeping bag/downy jacket  over there.

            taking usual walking stuff I would wear here but extra thermals/layers,most advice seems to suggest 4 layer for really cold stuff.

            got a wee tip from a friend that wearing flight socks under walking socks will help circulation and keep feet warmer


Hi guys

 I did Kili last Jan and have posted some info on the forum with 23 Feb departure date which you will probably find useful.

Have a great trip



Have they still got snow on Snowdon? Crib Goch is fantastic route, one of my fav daytrips!

Sleeping bags do warm up quicker if you have less on inside of them, but theres nothing wrong with a few layers inside to keep you warm. A good sleeping mat makes a massive difference because the insulation in your sleeping bag works better when there is a lot of air in it however the side you lie on has less air in so you can loose a lot of heat through the base. 

Has everyone received there Kit Bag? 



There was loads of snow on Snowdon, stupidly I didn't realise there would be so much snow so I struggled a bit as had no crampons and sticks. Some kindly man helped me out of a bit of a pickle. I just did the Llanberis Path as was worried about bad weather at the time of year. I'm going back in the Spring to do one of the more taxing paths.

Thanks for the tips re the sleeping bag. I suppose I just need to toughen up and get on with it!

I have my kit bag, not sure I am going to use it though as it's not water proof and not sure its big enough. I've hired a duffle bag.

This time next week we'll be off! Can't wait. Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing this amazing trip of a lifetime.


really looking forward to this now(I think)

are we all on the same flight from heathrow?

think ive got everything now

see you all soon(1 week to go)



I'm on a 7pm flight out of Heathrow on Friday.  Is that the same one as you??


Yer im flying from Heathrow on Friday.


Hi,yes im on the 7pm/friday.flying down from Edinburgh early afternoon.

Really getting excited/bit jittery now.Just glad im working 'till thursday 4pm.keep busy and not tempted to add more stuff to kit bag!!!!!!

Lets have a great trip!!



Hey yeah i think we all on the heathrow  19.00 flight?.

got all the stuff i need i think my bag is cramed!  just had a look at the weather and it says....... rain rain and rain witch i hope changes by the time we get there.  


Hope everyone had a safe flight home to London...I'm going to post in the Arrivals lounge....


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