Hi there, i'm goin to Egypt in November (Nile cruise) and i'm confused about the suitcase, some people told me that on the trains (we take the night train to Luxor) is not space for big suitcases.

After the cruise i'm going 6 days to Sharm el Sheik and i don't think i can't take all in one small bag.I just want to take a normal suitcase...Has anyone had a problem with their suitcases? any advice ?


Hi Monika,

With the sleeper train it is possible to bring a small bag into the berth with you, however if it looks as though you will not be able to have sufficient room by having your bag in with you then there is a luggage room on board the train.  If you put the bag into the luggage room then I advise that you put a lock onto the bag.  It is very unlikey that it will be tampered with but it is better to sleep soundly in the knowledge that it is safely locked.

I hope this helps?



Hi Olly,

Thanks for the informatiom it helps, now i know i can take  the luggage that i thought in the beginning, i don't mind to leave it in the luggage room. I will make sure i put a lock onto my luggage.

I can't wait..I can't believe  next week i will be in Egypt.

Thank you very much for the information. 

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